New Media Design

The Master’s track in New Media Design makes you an expert in creating, evaluating and researching new ways of communication and interaction. This will help you to bring media design to a next level in order to stand out in a crowded media landscape.

Today’s easy access to different media and the wide variety of modalities ask for new communication approaches. In the Master's track New Media Design you will learn to develop, analyze and evaluate content and interaction in different digital genres and applications like serious games or vlogs.

A solid introduction to theories on human media interaction, design processes, and creativity provides you the basis to study the latest developments in the world of communication and interactive technology.

The research skills you gain enable you to become an effective designer and at the same time evaluate the academic and functional merits of your work.

As a new media specialist you know how to create innovative content and interaction designs that meet user’s needs. With the academic perspective and skills you develop in this program you will be able to stand out and bring media design to a next level.

Why the Master's track New Media Design in Tilburg?

Become an academic expert in content and interaction design

  • Study the human factor in new media design
  • Investigate interaction in different modalities
  • Learn to integrate and visualize big online data sources in your design
  • Find out how you can create stories that people share

Develop practical, creative and entrepreneurial skills

  • Connect theory with practice in case-based projects
  • Learn to generate new ideas and also to create value with them

And make the difference between good and great design

  • Apply and improve methods to evaluate the success of your design
  • Learn how to align your design with user needs

The Master's track New Media Design in short

Specialization of Communication and Information Sciences
Language English
Start End of August
Duration 1 year (60 ECTS) Check the program
Title Master of Science (MSc)
Beste preparatory Bachelor's Bachelor's in Communication Sciences
Check the admission requirements and application procedure
Pre-Master's Available in English
After graduationCrossmedia specialist; Social media strategist;
Online content manager; Creative content designer;
User experience or interaction designer;
Web, app or game developer; Social media
entrepreneur; Professional vlogger/blogger
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