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Career prospects New Media Design

Upon completing the New Media Design master track you will be an expert in the field of content and interaction design for new media. You will have the communicative skills to share your ideas at different levels and to support or advise companies and governmental organizations.

Knowledge and skills

  • With a specialization in New Media Design you know all the latest developments in new media and you know what added value new media can have in all kinds of domains: in the workplace, in education, healthcare, leisure, entertainment and daily life.
  • You have critical insight in design processes and you know how to design these processes, taking user behavior and needs into account.
  • You also know which factors are crucial in interaction design and in the presentation of various types of content related to intended goals.
  • You are able to test the usability and user experience of a design, to interpret research data and to propose improvements based on your interpretation.

Equipped with this knowledge and skills, you are fully prepared to manage design processes, develop prototypes, design and evaluate processes, and advise clients on process or design improvements.

Additionally, you are able to bridge the gap between designers, programmers and the intended users.

Recent placements include:

  • Visual Designer at Digital Power 
  • User Experience Designer at Meander Medical Centre
  • UX Designer at Humanoids
  • UX Designer at Voiceworks
  • User Experience Expert at Accenture
  • Digital Transformation Specialist at Avisi
  • Co-owner Spruit Digital  
  • UX Designer at Capgemini Netherlands
  • SEA Specialist at Greenhouse
  • Creative Learning Consultant at Vivid Learning Studio
  • Product Specialist Digital Audiences at DPG Media
  • Digital Advertising & Social Media Manager at Ultimaker
  • Interactive Storyteller at Dephion

Alumni facts

  • 85% of our alumni find a job within 6 months after graduation
  • Average time between graduation and first paid job is 3.5 months
  • Gross monthly income one year after graduation is € 3,001

Source: National Alumni Survey 2021 | n=40 (MSc Communication and Information Sciences, all tracks)

Become a teacher

Are you passionate about sharing your knowledge with others? If you are a Dutch graduate, you have the possibility to follow a one-year educational post-master to become a Dutch language teacher after finishing your Master’s program in Communication & Information Sciences.

After your Master's

Your transition to the labor market

We help you prepare for your transition to the labor market by offering a number of career services:

  • Coaching, support and training courses offered by our Student Career Services to improve your employability and communication skills.

  • Dedicated Career Services Officers who can give you individual career guidance or help you to find interesting and relevant internships.

  • Familiarize yourself with the labor market and meet potential employers by participating in several career events, which are organized every year in collaboration with the study associations.

  • To those who wish to discover and develop their entrepreneurial talent, we offer education and support services.

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Working in the Netherlands after graduation

After obtaining a Master’s degree in the Netherlands, non-EEA students can apply for a residence permit under the Orientation Year for Highly Educated Persons’ scheme. This allows you to spend a period of up to twelve months in the Netherlands to find employment.

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