Malva Verbeek alumnus Extended Master Organization Studies

  • Study program: Extended Master Organization Studies
  • Year of graduation: 2013

Why did you choose for the Extended Master in Organization Studies?


After I finished the Bachelor International Business at Maastricht University, I decided to have a gap year. Since I could get a job as project manager at a company which provided management development trainings in the area of Utrecht, I moved to Utrecht. Next, I selected a Master.

The helicopter view of Organization Studies attracted me. I decided to study Organization Studies at Tilburg University because of the inclusion of the junior traineeship. The facilitation of writing my thesis at a company combined with the opportunity to gain practical experience made me subscribe for this program without hesitation.

What was your favorite course and why?

Interorganizational relationships - this course provided insight in the way you should organize your own network and a company's network. Very valuable when being responsible for the development and innovativeness of a company.

Can you give 3 aspects of the Master's program that were of added value to you?

  • The helicopter view of organizations provided by the different courses;
  • Experience gained in consultancy;
  • Writing a thesis which is not only of academic value.

At what company did you do your internship and can you give us a summary of your tasks?

I did my internship or junior traineeship at Berenschot. A great, if not the best company to do my junior traineeship at! Next to writing my thesis, I worked with colleagues on a broad range of projects. From redesigning processes to writing an implementation plan to facilitate flexible working (Het Nieuwe Werken) and from executing overhead benchmarks to executing an organization scan. For interns, Berenschot organized the Basics Light training which dealt with the different steps in the consultancy process. Furthermore, the weekly meetings with my mentors at Berenschot made sure that the progress I made was carefully guided and monitored.

What was your thesis topic?

My thesis was about the relationship between companies and charities. I looked at the criteria which companies use when they donate to charities. Specifically, I looked at the effect of a seal of approval for charities on the donating behavior of companies.

What will you do after graduation?

Currently I am writing an article about my thesis to publish in a professional journal. I was also asked to execute a project to deepen the results of my thesis; a small consultancy project which I will execute on my own. From April 1st onwards, I will start as a trainee at Young Colfield. This includes a program of two years in which I will be sent out to clients on a diverse range of projects. Throughout the two years I will receive a broad range of trainings and workshops.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

In the best case scenario I am working abroad as a manager for a company which is combining making profit with a societal goal.

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