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Philosophy of Data and Digital Society

1 year English Starts end of August and end of January

Datafication and digitalization are transforming our world into a digital society. Examine the impact of this technological transformation on social institutions, science, our work, our daily lives, and even our friendships. Reflect on fundamental ethical and political questions that arise. Learn how you can help shape a morally acceptable digital social world. This program can also be followed part-time. Philosophy of Data and Digital Society is a track of the MA Philosophy.

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Program and courses

Explore distinct philosophical questions that emerge in a digitalized society, such as:

  • ethical and political questions related to the design and implementation of digital technologies, the collection and commodification of data, and the impact of digitalization on social justice;
  • questions related to the nature of data, methods of statistical interpretation, and the value of public data literacy;
  • questions related to human nature, intelligence, emotion, and meaning, as well as our relation to culture, environment, and social life.

Address essential topics, like:

  • the relation between data and evidence; and responsibility, transparency and trust when using algorithms in decision making;
  • the internet’s potential to democratize knowledge and, on the other hand, undermine trust online;
  • digitalization’s impact on work, employment, care and friendship;
  • the impact of emerging cyber-physical systems on the cores of human existence and the values of solidarity, equality and freedom.

Profit from small-scale working methods with a great deal of interaction, which enables in-depth analysis and discussion with fellow students and lecturers. 

This program can also be followed part-time. Philosophy of Data and Digital Society is a track of the MA Philosophy. You always choose one of the tracks.

Typical courses are:

  • Ethics and Digital Life  
  • Rights and Justice in a Digital Society 
  • Philosophy of Data Science 
  • Knowledge and Truth in a Digital World 

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Career prospects

Upon graduation from this track, you will be an MA in Philosophy, specializing in Philosophy of Data and Digital Society. You will be equipped to provide plausible answers to fundamental questions about the many facets of digitalized human societies and to (co)shape a morally acceptable digital social world.

Your ability to assess the potential outcomes of new digital developments and to help decide which path to take is valuable for jobs in a variety of domains, such as the political-administrative domain, business, health and wellbeing, media, information and communication, research, and education.

Some examples of positions in which our Philosophy alumni are employed: 

  • Consultant at Bvolve 
  • Information manager at Nederlandse overheid 
  • Communication advisor at Taskforce for Applied Research SIA

Alumni facts

  • Number of months until first paid job: 3.30
  • 80% finds a job within 3 months after graduation, and 60% within one month
  • 90% would choose this program again, at the same university

Source: National Alumni Survey 2020 | n = 10 (Master Philosophy, all tracks)

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Application and admission

This Master's program starts:

End of August and end of January* (both the Master’s and the pre-Master’s program)

*Philosophy of Data and Digital Society is a new track that starts as of end of August 2022. Starting in January is therefore possible as of 2023.

Best preparatory programs:

Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy or - combined with the pre-Master - a Bachelor’s degree in another relevant field.

Pre-Master's program:

Open to both research university students and students of a Dutch university of applied sciences (HBO).

Tuition fees and scholarships

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