Philosophy of Humanity and Culture

Philosophy of Humanity and Culture

1 year English Starts end of August and end of January

Study modern European philosophical traditions and classics. You learn to pose fundamental questions, analyze key theories and apply critical thought to the understanding of contemporary art, culture and media society. The knowledge and insights you acquire in this track is the best foundation for a career in philosophy, writing, journalism, teaching or research.

of the current students is (very) satisfied with their program

National Student Survey, 2019 | n=23 (Master Philosophy, all tracks)

in its field in the Netherlands and 'Top Rated Program'

Elsevier Beste Studies, 2020; Keuzegids, 2020 (Master Philosophy, all tracks)

number of months until first paid job

National Alumni Survey,  2019 | n=10 (Master Philosophy, all tracks)

Program and courses

  • Learn to analyze and identify forms of political injustice by understanding how gender and race fit within different historical and social structures.
  • Examine and interpret the experience of war, loss and migration and their impact on art, philosophy and humanity today.
  • Get to know the relation between philosophy and art, philosophy and religion, and philosophy and psycho-analysis.
  • Focus on the influence of German and French thinkers of the past 200 years on the latest developments in European and American philosophy.
  • This track puts particular emphasis on the role of memory, gender, the relationship between literature, film, and philosophy, war, art and remembrance, and that between religion and secularization.

Typical courses are:

  • Enlightenment and Counterenlightenment
  • Identity, Race and Gender
  • Philosophy of Media and Online Culture
  • Trauma and Art
  • Digital Aesthetics
  • Close Reading

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Career prospects

After completing the Master’s track in Philosophy of Humanity and Culture you will be an expert in the understanding of human existence, culture, and society.

The knowledge, insights and skills you acquire in this track, such as continually asking questions, observing, reasoning, speaking and writing, offer a solid foundation for a career in philosophy, writing, journalism, teaching or research.

Alumni facts

  • Number of months until first paid job:  3
  • 90% of our alumni find a job within 1 month
  • 90% would choose this program again at Tilburg University

Source: Alumni of Philosophy (all tracks) | National Alumni Survey, 2019 | n = 10

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Application and admission

This program starts:

End of August and End of January (both the Master’s and the Pre-Master’s program)

Best preparatory programs:

Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy, Administration Studies, Political Studies, Economics, Law, Liberal Arts and Sciences, Global Management of Social Issues, European Studies, Communication Sciences, Human Resource Management, Psychology and Social Sciences.

Pre-Master's program:

Open to both Research University students and students of a Dutch University of Applied Sciences (HBO).

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