Philosophy of Mind and Psychology

Philosophy of Mind and Psychology

1 year English Starts end of August and end of January

Take a philosophical approach to understand the human psyche. By delving into philosophical texts and reflecting on theories and findings from other relevant disciplines - such as psychology, cognitive science, and artificial intelligence - you will gain more insights into mental phenomena, such as ‘emotions’, ‘intelligence’ and ‘cognition’, as well as moral and existential questions. Philosophy of Mind and Psychology is a track of the MA Philosophy.

of the current students is (very) satisfied with their program

National Student Survey, 2019 | n=23 (Master Philosophy, all tracks)

number of months until first paid job

Alumni of Philosophy | National Alumni Survey,  2019 | n = 10 (Master Philosophy, all tracks)

in its field in the Netherlands and 'Top Rated Program'

Elsevier Best Studies, 2020; Keuzegids, 2020 (Master Philosophy, all tracks)

Program and courses

Apply a philosophical approach to study at the intersection of philosophy and psychology and reflect on the mental phenomena that jointly make up the ‘human mind’.

Examples of questions you will reflect on:

  • How do we cope with crises, insecurities and turbulence?
  • How susceptible are we to external influences and can we still claim to be free and autonomous agents?
  • What role do emotions play in our mental lives? 
  • Why do we make cognitive mistakes and do these mean we are not as rational as we think and want to be?
  • How and to what extent is the human mode of coming to grips with reality through (knowledge-based) understanding, itself limited with regards to grasping the human mind?
  • What are the limits of psychology, as a discipline? 
  • What does psychology contribute to our understanding of all this? And how can philosophy help deepen that understanding?

Typical courses are:

  • Crisis and Insecurity 
  • The Intelligence of Emotions
  • Thinking Mistakes
  • Philosophy and the Limits of Psychology
  • Philosophy of Influence
  • Psychoanalysis and the Unconscious
  • Brains and Bodies

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Career prospects

After completing the Master’s track in Philosophy of Mind and Psychology, you will be able to reflect critically on what we (can) claim to know about the workings of the mind and its connection to human life.

The knowledge and insights you acquire in this track, offer a solid foundation for a career in research, education, consultancy, policy-making, politics, journalism, counseling, coaching, or mental health care.

Alumni facts

  • Number of months until first paid job:  3
  • 90% of our alumni find a job within 1 month
  • 90% would choose this program again at Tilburg University

Source: Alumni of Philosophy (all tracks) | National Alumni Survey, 2019 | n = 10 

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Application and admission

This Master's program starts:

End of August and end of January* (both the Master’s and the pre-Master’s program)

*Philosophy of Mind and Psychology is a new track that starts as of end of August 2021. Starting in January is therefore possible as of 2022.

Best preparatory programs:

Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy, or - combined with the pre-Master - a Bachelor’s degree in the field of Humanities or Social Sciences.

Pre-Master's program:

Open to both research university students and students of a Dutch university of applied sciences (HBO).

Tuition fees and scholarships

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