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Post-Master's programs in Accountancy

3 years Dutch or English Starts end of August and end of January

Tilburg University offers national and international Post-Master's programs in Accountancy to become a registered accountant - all taught at a high quality school which mainly consists of professors and highly experienced practitioners.

Education and COVID-19

All education takes place on campus again, now that the coronavirus measures have been scaled back. Of course, we will always maintain a safe environment for our students and staff. Therefore, a few basic measures still apply. For the latest updates on the COVID-19 situation, see our FAQs for prospective students.

Our Post-Master's programs in Accountancy

European Post-Master Accountancy program

Duration: 3 years | Language: English | Start: November

  • Classes are given in different parts of Europe, but mainly in the Netherlands. Office visits are part of the program in the seminars abroad.
  • Certifications: RA (the Dutch certification).

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International Post-Master Accountancy program (IPMA)

Duration: 3 years | Language: English | Start: October

  • Aiming at students in the Caribbean, classes are entirely given in Curaçao. Two-week uninterrupted blocks allow students who do not live in Curaçao to participate.
  • A program to become a registered accountant (RA) in the Netherlands.

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Opleiding tot Registeraccountant

Duur: 2,5 jaar | Taal: Nederlands | Start: september

  • Een solide opleiding waarin de nieuwste ontwikkelingen aan bod komen en docenten en studenten hun ervaringen uit de praktijk delen.
  • Een Post-Master met een innovatief curriculum die je goed kunt combineren met je werk en die je voorbereidt op de volgende stap in je carrière. De colleges vinden plaats op vrijdag.

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