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Public Governance: Public Administration, Economics and Law (MSc)

1 year English Starts end of August

The leaders of today and tomorrow face immense challenges, including climate change and energy transition, refugee crisis, transnational organized crime and most recently the COVID-19 pandemic. These are multi-level and multi-actor governance issues that require creative solutions. A comparative and cross-national and multidisciplinary approach is essential. Combine the disciplines of public administration, law and economics in our Master's program in Public Governance to become an elite strategical force, in the Netherlands or abroad.

On-campus education as of August 2021 | pleased to meet you
core disciplines

combined: Public Administration, Economics and Law


to specialize and shape your portfolio

in Public Administration worldwide

Program and courses 

Become part of a small-scaled and interdisciplinary community of outstanding scholars, students and alumni from all over the world. 

  • Put theory into practice. Tackle complex and wicked problems for a 'real life' client in the areas of governance and public administration using both quantitative and qualitative methods during the Governance Clinic
  • No boundaries. An transnational governance perspective ensures you learn from best practices in other countries – valuable skills later on in your career.
  • Networking is key. Learn to co-create innovative governance solutions together with fellow students, with experts in the field and important stakeholders like citizens, non-state actors, and businesses.
  • Specialize and shape your portfolio. Choose one of four themes related to public administration, law and economics  and become an expert in this field:
    - Governing the Transition to a Sustainable Society 
    - Justice, Security, and the Governance of Risks
    - Governance for Health, Education, and Welfare
    - Democratic Governance and Digital Innovation
  • You are not only provided with expert knowledge and academic skills, we also train you in 21st century (soft) skills like creative academic writing, presenting and debating, teaming or networking.
  • There will be a personal mentor available at your request to guide you through your academic endeavors: who will give you plenty of tips and tricks on studying, who will provide you with career advice and who will be happy to help in case of any problems. A buddy system connects students to support each other.

Typical courses are:

  • Good Governance 
  • Public Entrepreneurship and Strategy
  • Governance Clinic (team research for a 'real life' client)

More on the program and courses

  • Mounir Azzaoui - master Public Governance

    Mounir Azzaoui

    Master's student

    "Public governance is one of the key topics covered by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development. This shows that it is an essential area of study to promote policies that will improve economic and social well-being."

  • Master Public Governance student Ginda Pamela

    Ginda Pamela

    Master's student

    "This Master's program encourages me to address an array of complex issues in alignment with proper analytical and public management skills."

  • Max van Dijk - master Public Governance

    Max van Dijk

    Advisor Public Affairs at municipality of Breda

    "I really enjoyed the structure of the program: introducing courses, in-depth subjects and more practical courses providing the opportunity for external research."

Career prospects

As a Master of Science in Public Governance, you are well equipped to analyze complex problems from economic, judicial, political, and institutional perspectives, using both quantitative and qualitative methods. These skills make you eligible for a broad range of professions in the public, private and non-profit sector, such as management, strategic consultancy, or policy research. Be the leader of tomorrow and become an active player in shaping the worlds’ future.

Alumni facts Tilburg Law School

  • Average number of months until first paid job: 3.04
  • Gross monthly income of our graduates in the first year: € 2.665,-

Source: National Alumni Survey, 2020 | n = 76

More on your career prospects

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Application and admission

This Master’s program starts:

End of August

Best preparatory programs:

A Bachelor’s (= undergraduate) degree:

  • in Public Governance
  • in Public Administration
  • in Law
  • in Economics
  • in Tax Economics
  • in Global Management of Social Issues
  • in Sociology
  • in Liberal Arts and Sciences
  • an academic Bachelor’s degree in a related field with sufficient knowledge of politics, policy, governance, or economics

Pre-Master’s program:

Dutch speaking students can apply for the Dutch-taught Pre-Master’s program. This program is meant for students with a Bachelor’s degree HBO BestuurskundeHBO Integrale Veiligheid, or HBO MER – Bedrijfskunde or equivalent.

Tuition fees and scholarships

International students find all information about tuition fees and scholarships here.

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