Interview student Ave-Geidi Jallai

Ave-geidi Jallai
  • Name: Ave-Geidi Jallai 
  • Nationality: Estonian
  • Master: Research Master in Law
  • Year: 2013-2014

Master student Ave-Geidi Jallai answers to the following questions

What is your educational background?

I come from a small but highly developed country named Estonia, where I obtained my elementary, basic and secondary education in schools that focused on economics and business. After graduating from high school in 2008, I started my law studies at the University of Tartu, where I got my Bachelor's degree in 2011. I continued my legal studies in Tilburg University starting in September 2011, where I gained a Master’s degree in International Business Law, with distinction, in 2012. I decided to continue my studies at Tilburg by following the Research Master’s in Law program in 2013.

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Why did you choose Tilburg University?

I knew already during my Bachelor’s studies that I wanted to go abroad and therefore I started looking for different opportunities. I was interested in corporate and competition law and this was my main search criterion. Tilburg University offered a Master’s program that perfectly matched my requirements. However, there were also other universities that offered similar study programs. I chose Tilburg University not only because it was specially focused on the area that I was interested in, but also because it is highly ranked in Europe, and has top-level academics teaching many different subjects. Moreover, I had read a lot of good things about the Dutch educational system, which was a further reason for selecting Tilburg University.

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What was the reason to choose your specific Master’s program?

I knew after my first Master’s at Tilburg that I wanted to stay in the Netherlands and I later decided that I would like to do a PhD here. However, I was not yet sure how to choose a good research topic and write a PhD proposal or other academic papers. The Research Master’s in Law therefore seemed to be the appropriate next step.

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What is special about the program?

It is a very individual program. The groups are small and you can focus on the topics that really interest you. You learn how to approach the topic of your interest from an academic perspective. I would say that this program helps you to get your foot in the door leading to the academic world. It gives you a new perspective on law, study and research, and life in general.

The fact that the group is small means that interaction between the students and lecturers is very active and I have enjoyed it a lot. All the Research Master’s students are highly motivated and intelligent. Being in the company of young lawyers who are smart but very different from yourself sets the stage for very interesting discussions that greatly enhance your development. Moreover, the cooperation with Leuven University definitely adds value to the program because you can also learn from the professors and students from there and this gives you access to an even greater diversity of opinions and views.

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What do you think about Tilburg University campus and facilities?

I fell in love with the campus immediately: it is both very modern and an environment where you can live and study in comfort. It really makes you feel like a student. I think that this is a much better study environment than a university that is spread all over a city. The campus is very clean and green, which gives a relaxed feeling. The facilities, such as lecture rooms, IT system, and library are modern and I have really enjoyed using them. Moreover, there are always people who are willing to help if you have a problem.

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What has your experience of the program and Tilburg University been so far?

Tilburg University is an internationally minded high-level academic institution. It offers its students much cultural diversity and many top-level academic challenges. The teaching methods and approaches are highly motivating and promote student development, and the university’s facilities really encourage study and research.

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What do you think of Tilburg as a city?

Tilburg is a perfect city for studying. It is nice and quiet. It is well balanced, offering enough social activities for the students but at the same time not too much to distract you from studying.

Everything is close in Tilburg and to Tilburg. You can easily cycle everywhere in Tilburg (which I, coming from abroad, find most impressive as well as convenient). Cycling is safe, comfortable and fast. Moreover, Tilburg has excellent, fast train links with other Dutch cities, and you can get to Brussels by car in no more than 1.5 to 2 hours.

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What are your career aspirations?

I would like to do a PhD and work in practice in a field related to my research interests.

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