Research Master's track in Operations Research

Program and structure

The Research Master’s specialization in Operations Research prepares students for the PhD programs in fields such as operations management or optimization techniques. This Research Master’s track in Operations Research is an in-depth study program focused on cutting edge research in Operations Research.

The program is structured in two phases:

  • a two-year Research Master (RM)
  • and a three- to four-year PhD phase

A graduated student from this program gains knowledge of and insight in the tools and methodologies of operations research, including optimization, stochastic modeling, simulation, combinatorics, and game theory. Teaching is led by academics that are at the forefront of their fields.


A Research Master student is a part of a select group of finest students from all over the world. It is aimed at ambitious students that want to distinguish themselves. Students follow classes in small groups. This allows intensive interaction with professors who are top-notch researchers, both during as well as outside of classes. This program offers many different courses and students are free to choose most of the offered courses.

Career perspectives

Students enrolled in the Research Master program qualify for research positions anywhere in the world.

Several of our Research Master students embark on a 3-year Ph.D. program and later become professors themselves. With their research, discoveries, and insights – expressed through writing, speaking, and teaching – they help shape academic world. Others opt for business practice with international companies and consulting firms.

Prof. dr. P.E.M. Borm


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