Graduate Students' Society

The Graduate Students' Society (GSS) consists of and represents over 160 CentER graduate students from both the Business and Economics programs. Our main goal is to support you in your professional development while enabling you to enjoy your time at Tilburg University.

The GSS is active in three main areas:

Every year, the GSS elects graduate students to the GSS Board which serves as a hub for all three areas. However, every graduate student is invited and encouraged to contribute ideas or support.

Social Life

Promoting social life means helping you feel at home, meet other graduate students, and make new friends. Consequently, the GSS organizes social events and sporting activities for all graduate students.

Recent events include:

  • GSS Welcome Week
  • Drinks on 3rd Friday of each month
  • Summer BBQ
  • Trips to touristic highlights, such as Keukenhof and Efteling
  • Beer Pong
  • Hart van Brabant Race
  • Squash Tournament
  • Movie nights

More on our events

For more on our events visit our Google event calendar.

Academic Life

The GSS plans professional events and promotes communication among graduate students to increase the likelihood of a successful academic and professional career.

  • A key professional event is the GSS weekly seminar series (every Thursday) where graduate students have the opportunity to present and discuss their research with other students and professors.
  • The GSS also promotes the organization of workshops to teach valuable academic skills. Two recent examples of such workshops are an introduction to LaTeX and Python.

Board members
Function Name E-mail
Chairman Clemens Fiedler
Treasurer Bohorquez Correa Santiago
Social Events Organizer Ana Dias Mendes Correia Moura
Social Events Organizer Lucas Avezum
Seminar Organizer Arshad Farah
Seminar Organizer Floris Hendiks
IT & Social Media Zihao Liu


Within Tilburg School of Economics and Management (TiSEM), the GSS also represents graduate students by voicing your concerns on matters ranging from department policies to university-wide issues.

  • Part of the GSS board consists of a team of representatives for the various academic disciplines at TiSEM, who regularly meet with the directors of graduate studies and education coordinators to discuss student concerns.
  • Representation also includes talks with the faculty and university management about school and university-wide issues.

Function Name E-mail
Rep. Econ - RM 1st year Hazel Sezer
Rep. Econ - RM 1st year Floris Hendriks
Rep. Econ - RM 2nd year Maciej Husiatynski
Rep. Econ - PhDs Elisabeth Beusch
Rep. Accounting Martin Kapons
Rep. Finance Ricardo Barahona
Rep. Management Matthijs Verhulst
Rep. Marketing
Rep. Operations Research Aras Selvi

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