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Christophe Spaenjers

Assistant Professor at HEC Paris | Alumnus Research Master in Business, specialization Finance

"I got a top-quality graduate education, I interacted with world-class researchers on a daily basis, I could attend a weekly seminar series, I went abroad for research visits and conferences with the support of CentER, etc. All these things contributed enormously to the first steps of my academic career."

  • Marijke Bos_alumna REMA Economics

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  • Marco da Rin

    Dr. Marco Da Rin

    Education Coordinator

    "The Finance PhD program at Tilburg University has two phases: a preparatory Research Master combining intensive coursework and research that culminates in the writing of a Research Master Thesis, and an advanced phase in which students devote all their time to research."

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  • Rik Frehen

    Dr. Rik Frehen

    Education Coordinator

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