Program Research Master in Language & Communication

This Research Master's program is a two-year full-time study program (120 ECTS; 40-50 hours/week) offered jointly by Tilburg University and Radboud University Nijmegen. 

Program structure

You take a few compulsory classes covering the foundations and the links between these fields, as well as a range of elective classes at either university that go deeper into aspects of your chosen areas of interest.

Gradually, more and more of your time will be spent participating in actual research projects, reflecting with strong emphasis on empirical research. You come in as a student and you leave as a junior researcher. The program comprises the following units of study.

Specializations and courses

In the course of this Research Master’s program you will integrate in one of the research groups in Nijmegen or Tilburg and will specialize in one of the following fields:


More than any other species, human beings communicate with one another. We talk to each other, we send text messages and emails, we get information through the Internet, we entertain each other, etc. How do we make sure our communication efforts are successful? How do we tailor our communication to the goals we intend it to have? How do we understand each other?

Check the study guide for all the courses and course descriptions.

Language and Speech Technology

For most of our history, people talked only to other people. But these days we all come across speaking computers and other disembodied voices. How are these technological innovations produced? How do computers understand what we say to them, and how come we understand them?

Check the study guide for all the courses and course descriptions.


Talking is a cognitive activity. Every time you open your mouth, a lot goes on behind the scenes, in your brain. On what cognitive processes do we rely when speaking? How does this relate to other cognitive activities, such as thinking?

Check the study guide for all the courses and course descriptions.

Language and Society

We all speak differently. Whether you were born in the north or the south of the country you are from, whether you are well educated or not, whether you are a man or a woman, to which ethnic group you belong, all these factors influence how you speak. How systematic is this variation? And can you change the way you speak?

Check the study guide for all the courses and course descriptions.

Language Acquisition

One of the mysteries of life is that children, in just a few years, learn a language, without much effort. How do they do this? And why does it take us much longer, and why does it involve much more effort, to learn foreign languages later in life?

Check the study guide for all the courses and course descriptions.

Facilities budget to cover traveling and educational costs

For Research Master's students Language and Communication of Tilburg University's Graduate School of Humanities, there is a facilities budget available to cover traveling costs on the basis of declarations and educational costs to a maximum of €500.

Traveling expenses: incurred when attending courses at Radboud University Nijmegen.
Educational expenses: expenses for educational materials, expenses for conferences, research costs and an IBL account.
To apply for this facilities budget, please fill in the appropriate form:

Please hand in your signed form, together with the invoices, to the Academic Advisor of the Research Master Language and Communication (Denise Lindenau), room D116 or in the pigeon hole on the first floor of the Dante Building.

Research Master in Language and Communication: Prof dr Emiel Krahmer

Prof. Emiel Krahmer

"I'm fascinated by behavioral aspects of the way people speak, particularly in revealing the link between speech and facial gestures."

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