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Research Master in Psychology: Individual Differences and Assessment

2 years English Starts end of August

Become a research expert in the area of individual differences and assessment, such as personality, character, and temperament, as well as individual differences in within-person changes across time. Study how such differences affect people's lives in the domains of work and health. The Research Master is an excellent preparation for a PhD or a career in applied research, for example in the domains of human resources, health policy, clinical research, or management.

of the graduates finds a job within 1 month after graduation

National Alumni Survey, 2019 | n=3

+ 50%
finds a job as a PhD student

Dutch government (Peaks in Sight, p.9)

Top 50
worldwide in Psychology

Program and courses

Acquire profound knowledge about the biological correlates and development of individual differences, and how these differences affect people's lives in the domains of work and health. Become an expert in an academic discipline with great societal relevance and impact (e.g., human resource management, health promotion, clinical research). Enrich your methodological toolbox with powerful and sophisticated statistical and programming skills.

  • Individual guidance from international experts. The lectures are also in small groups with a lot of interaction with your teachers.
  • Personalize your educational experience by selecting supervisors, research topics for papers and national and international traineeships based on your own interests and learning goals (an extensive list of available topics and supervisors is provided). One applied elective and two free electives ensure additional opportunities to enrich and personalize your curriculum with content from other programs. 
  • Make use of the opportunity to combine your studies on individual differences with electives from clinical neuropsychology, thereby qualifying for LOGO declaration that is required to enroll in the Dutch postgraduate clinical education (GZ psychology).
  • Become optimally prepared for further studies and job opportunities in science after graduation, such as PhD student or applied researcher.
  • Through the Character Studies blog of the ‘Research Master in Psychology: Individual Differences and Assessment’ you can get a glimpse of the atmosphere in the program, by getting to know our professors, current and alumni students, reading about everyday topics with the emphasis on individual differences and also take part in learning with us, through some interesting assignments. Also visit the facebook page.

Typical courses are:

  • Biological and Physiological Correlates of Individual Differences
  • Psychometrics: Measurement of Individual Differences
  • Dynamics of Individual Differences
  • Theoretical Models of Individual Differences

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  • Master student Research Master in Psychology Robin van der Linde

    Robin van der Linde

    Master's student, accepted for the 2020 TOP class at GGZ WNB

    "The program was challenging, but this enabled me to really excel and make the most of it. Combining extensive training in statistics with courses to establish in-depth knowledge of psychology, personality and individual differences helped me to develop many new skills which will most definitely proof beneficial in my future career as researcher and psychologist." 

  • Master student REMA Psychology Evy Kuijpers

    Evy Kuijpers

    Master's student

    "Professors truly value the input of students and acknowledge you as independent researcher. There are numerous professors involved from different departments, so you can definitely state this as a unique interdisciplinary program. This program gave me insight in all the different perspectives on Individual Differences and it brought me to a higher level of understanding individual differences."

  • Master student REMA Psychology Lisanne de Moor

    Lisanne de Moor

    Master's student

    "To me, Individual Differences and Assessment has really been about broadening and deepening my knowledge of psychology and how to apply that knowledge into my own research. I really liked that the program offered multiple opportunities to explore our own interests within the broad field of psychology, as well as offered several opportunities to gain hands-on experience."

Career prospects

The Research Master in Psychology: Individual Differences and Assessment is an excellent preparation for a PhD or a career in applied research. Your career prospects are excellent.

  • The "Education and Labor Market" Research Center follows Dutch students after they finish their education and has found that 94% of former Research Master students find a job within 1.5 years (source: 
  • A recent report from the Dutch government found that more than half of Research Master graduates secure a job as a PhD student (source: Peaks in Sight, p. 9).
  • The master is also an excellent preparation for a research position in applied fields, for example, as a policy researcher, advisor or human resources and management consultant, or clinical psychologist.

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Application and admission

This Master's program starts:

End of August

Best preparatory programs:

  • Psychology
  • Biology
  • Human Resource Studies
  • Methodology and Statistics
  • Social Sciences
  • Pedagogics

Pre-Master's program

The Research Master in Psychology: Individual Differences and Assessment does not offer its own pre-Master’s program. However, you might become eligible for admission to the Research Master when you successfully complete the pre-Master’s program in Human Resource Studies of the Tilburg School of Social and Behavioral Sciences.  Please note that all other admission requirements and application procedure still apply.

Tuition fees and scholarships

International students find all information about  tuition fees* ** and scholarships here.

* The EU rate only applies if you enroll for the program without a Master's degree from a Dutch university. 

** Excellent non-EU/EEA students will be granted a tuition fee waiver up to the EU/EEA fee.

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