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Research Master in Psychology: Individual Differences and Assessment

2 years English Starts end of August

In the Research Master: Individual Differences and Assessment, you become a research expert in the area of individual differences, such as personality, character and temperament, and changes in these areas across time. Study how these differences affect people's lives in the areas of work and health. This Research Master is an excellent preparation for a PhD or a career in applied research, for example in the domains of human resources, health policy, clinical research or management.

Education and COVID-19

All education takes place on campus again, now that the coronavirus measures have been scaled back. Of course, we will always maintain a safe environment for our students and staff. Therefore, a few basic measures still apply. For the latest updates on the COVID-19 situation, see our FAQs for prospective students.

In Psychology worldwide
of the students is (very) satisfied with this program

National Student Survey, 2022 | n=21

In Psychology worldwide

Program and courses

During this two-year Research Master, you become an expert in the area of individual differences and assessment. Acquire profound knowledge about the biological correlates and development of individual differences, and how these differences affect people's lives in the domains of work and health. The program offers four lines of learning: content, statistics, scientific writing and projects

  • Personalize your education by selecting your supervisors, research topics, electives and (inter)national traineeships yourself. Experience hands-on research into assessing individual differences in various contexts, and life as a researcher during traineeships. Acquire a thorough methodological and statistical education and write two scientific papers as part of the curriculum.  
  • Students are very satisfied with this program, resulting in a gold medal award (Elsevier Beste Studies, 2022). You become part of an ambitious and international group of students, and experience the real ‘cohort’ feeling in a small-scale, interactive learning environment with individual guidance from international experts
  • With a specific combination of major and minor courses, you have the opportunity to combine your studies on individual differences with electives from clinical neuropsychology. Under specific conditions, you can qualify for the LOGO declaration, which is required to enroll in the Dutch postgraduate clinical education (GZ Psycholoog). For more information, please contact the Education Coordinator via  
  • Get a glimpse of the atmosphere of the program in the Character Studies blog. Get to know the professors, (alumni) students, read about topics related to individual differences, and learn with us through some interesting assignments. Also check out the Facebook page

Typical courses are:

  • Biological Correlates of Individual Differences
  • Psychometrics: Measurement of Individual Differences
  • Dynamics of Individual Differences
  • Theoretical Models of Individual Differences

More on the program and courses

  • Eveline

    Eveline Gieles

    Research Master’s student

    "IDA is a super intensive yet equally rewarding program.  I love how we get to choose what we want to learn about, whom we want to work with and shape our own curriculum. "

  • Flavia

    Flavia Cherecheş

    Research Master’s student

    "We work closely with professors from different departments during traineeships and projects. They value my input and are open to questions. It's truly inspiring to learn in such an environment!"

  • Arian

    Arian Sarwary

    Research Master’s student

    "Thanks to the programming course, I have a good grasp of the R computer language, which has come in handy in courses and traineeships. Due to the flexibility of the program and the support, I could create the exact curriculum I wanted."

Career prospects

Your career prospects are excellent. You become an expert in an area of great societal relevance and impact, like human resource management, health promotion, and clinical research. The research Master is also an excellent preparation for a PhD and a position in applied research, such as policy researcher, advisor or human resources and management consultant, or clinical psychologist.

Of our alumni,

  • 92% have a job at an academic level
  • 50% work as a PhD at a Research University in the Netherlands or abroad
  • 13% work as a junior researcher at a Research University in the Netherlands
  • 8% have a position at a Mental Health Institution
  • 8% work in a management position at a commercial company

More on your career prospects

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Application and admission

This Master's program starts:

End of August

Best preparatory programs:

  • Psychology
  • Human Resource Studies
  • Social Sciences
  • Methodology and Statistics
  • Pedagogics
  • Biology

Pre-Master's program

The Research Master in Psychology: Individual Differences and Assessment does not offer its own pre-Master’s program. However, you might become eligible for admission to the Research Master when you successfully complete the pre-Master’s program in Human Resource Studies of the Tilburg School of Social and Behavioral Sciences.  Please note that all other admission requirements and application procedure still apply.

Tuition fees and scholarships

International students, please find all information about the tuition fees and the scholarships available.

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More information on this Master's program

Download the brochure with information on program content, admission requirements, career prospects, housing and immigration matters, and student life in Tilburg. Throughout the year you can take part in various types of events: on-campus, abroad or online.

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