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Program and courses Research Master in Psychology: Individual Differences and Assessment

The study of individual differences has great societal relevance and impact. Combine a multi-disciplinary perspective on individual differences and specialize in applied or fundamental topics of your choice (e.g., in human resource management, health promotion, and/or clinical research).

Program structure

This two-year program consists of 120 credits (ECTS):

  • Fundamental courses (18 ECTS)
  • Applied elective (6 ECTS)
  • Free electives (12 ECTS)
  • Methods (27 ECTS)
  • Papers and scientific support (42 ECTS)
  • Internal and international traineeships (15 ECTS)

The program offers four lines of learning:

  1. Content
    In the fundamental courses, you will learn about classic and modern theoretical models of individual differences, their biological correlates and how they develop over time. In the applied electives, you will learn about the implications of individual differences for health and/or work. In the free elective, you can choose any research master course that compliments the IDA curriculum. You can also choose two Clinical Neuropsychology courses to strengthen your clinical qualifications.
  2. Statistics
    In the methods and statistics courses, you will learn state-of-the-art (statistical) methods, programming and extended assessment methods.
  3. Scientific writing
    In the first year, you write a paper based on existing data and in your second year you write a Master's thesis based on data you collect yourself. Outstanding papers and theses are submitted to an international journal.
  4. Projects
    During internal and international traineeships, you experience what it is like to apply research skills in practice. 

This program starts at the end of August.

Program content

Year 1
Year 2
Master’s thesis

You will find a detailed description of the courses and required literature in our course catalog.

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Short overview of Research Master in Individual Differences and Assessment 

  • This Research Master is unique in the Netherlands, and distinctive worldwide. 
  • Personalize your educational experience by personally selecting your supervisors, research topics, electives and (inter)national traineeships
  • Experience hands-on research in assessing individual differences in various contexts, experience life as a researcher during traineeships, acquire a thorough methodological and statistical education and write two scientific papers as part of the curriculum.  
  • You're prepared for further studies, job opportunities, applied research and a PhD.
  • You get small-scale and interactive education with individual guidance from international experts.  
  • You become part of an ambitious and international group of students, and experience the real ‘cohort’ feeling. 
  • With a specific combination of major and minor courses, you have the opportunity to combine your studies on individual differences with electives from clinical neuropsychology. Under specific conditions, you can thereby qualify for the LOGO declaration, which is required to enroll in the Dutch postgraduate clinical education (GZ Psycholoog). For more information, please contact the Education Coordinator via  
  • Non-EU/EEA students can make use of the tuition fee waiver, which reduces the institutional fee to the statutory fee. 
  • Get a glimpse of the atmosphere of the program in the Character Studies blog. Get to know the professors, (alumni) students, read about topics related to individual differences, and learn with us through some interesting assignments. Also check out the Facebook page

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