Admission procedure Non-Dutch nationality or Non-Dutch diploma

We are pleased that you have decided to apply for our Master's program in Social Psychology.

You must follow the application procedure below:

  • If you have a non-Dutch nationality OR
  • If you have a Dutch nationality and are applying for this Master's program on the basis of a diploma awarded by an institution outside the Netherlands (including the Netherlands Antilles and Belgium)

Step 1: Check your eligibility

In order to be accepted directly onto our Master’s program in Social Psychology, you must have the following academic background:

A Bachelor's/Master's degree in Psychology

  1. A Bachelor’s and/or Master’s degree in the field of Psychology. No exemptions can be made.

    You can apply for admission BEFORE you have graduated, but you must graduate by September 1, 2018 at the latest. If your graduation ceremony is after September 1, 2018, please contact our Admissions Officer, Ms. Ruth Davis, via before you apply to avoid disappointment.

  2. You must have shown an interest in the field of social, economic and/or cross-cultural psychology specifically, evidenced either by the courses listed on your Transcript of Records or additional information in your CV and/or motivation letter.

  3. Advanced knowledge in research methods and statistics, specifically quantitative research.

  4. Experience with first-hand empirical research (i.e. collecting, analyzing and reporting quantitative data).

Please note: you cannot be accepted onto this Master’s program without having either a Bachelor or Master's degree in Psychology. Unfortunately, work experience or an interest in social psychology or in work or economic psychology cannot be taken into account for the admission process without a sufficient academic background.

Proof of English language proficiency

Proof of English language proficiency is required by all applicants EXCEPT passport holders from the following countries: Australia, Canada (except Quebec), Ireland, New Zealand, UK, or USA OR those who have studied their entire Bachelor (or Master) program in one of these countries. No exemptions from this requirement will be given, other than those mentioned here.

Results required:

  • TOEFL: 577 (paper-based); 90 (internet-based)
  • Academic IELTS: overall 6.5 AND no sub-score less than 6.0
  • Cambridge Proficiency in English: All grades
  • Cambridge Advanced English: Grades A, B and C

If you do not have this at the time of application, please include confirmation of the date of the test in your application.

The test results must not be older than two years at the time of application.

Check if you meet the requirements above

If you are not sure whether you meet the admission criteria, please send an e-mail to Ms. Ruth Davis, Admissions Officer, at for preliminary advice. This e-mail must contain the following information:

  1. Name of program for which you wish to apply
  2. Name of the University from where you have/will graduate
  3. Country where the University is based
  4. Subject studied (Psychology and details of your minor/elective subject)
  5. Level of degree (i.e. Bachelor, Master, Post-graduate Diploma, Associate Degree)
  6. Length of the program

Step 2: Check the application deadline

  • April 1 for all applicants

As there are only a limited number of places available for this double degree program, we would strongly advise applicants to apply as soon as possible.  Applicants will be informed within six weeks of the application deadline (i.e. by the middle of May) about the admission decision. 

PLEASE NOTE: if you are applying for a scholarship offered by an organization other than Tilburg University, you must apply for admission to Tilburg University at least six weeks before the scholarship deadline.

Step 3: Prepare your application documents

Apply only when you have the following required documents:

A copy of your passport (non-EEA) OR national ID card (EEA only)

This should be a copy with your personal details and the issue and expiry date of your passport/national ID card. It must be valid until at least September 1, 2018.

Dutch residence permit

If you are a non-EEA national AND already live in the Netherlands, you must upload a copy of the front and back of your Dutch residence permit.

Resume/Curriculum Vitae

This must include your personal information and details of any jobs (part time, research assistant etc) which you have done. Please include membership of any professional bodies and details of any articles you have published. We do not require a standard format for your CV.

Motivation Letter

We do not require a standard format for this letter but it should be about 250-500 words.  It should explain:

  1. How you meet the specific criteria for admission mentioned above, with specific reference to your academic background.
  2. Why you want to follow this program of study e.g. what specifically appeals to you about the content of this program.
  3. Why you want to study at Tilburg University.
  4. What you have done in addition to your academic studies in this field.
  5. What added value you consider you could bring to our international classroom.
  6. What you would like to do after you have completed this degree.

The motivation letter must be specifically written for your application for this program at Tilburg University

Transcript of Records*

This is a list from your University of the courses you have taken in your Bachelor's (and Master's degree if applicable), with the grades you have achieved. This must be an official list from your University, not your results downloaded from the University’s student website. 

If you have not yet completed all courses at the time of application, please provide the Transcript plus a list of the courses you still need to complete before graduation.


Your Bachelor (and Master‘s) diploma(s), if you already have them. If not, please upload confirmation from your University that you are registered as a student for the current academic year, the name of the program for which you are registered (level and field of study) and when you are expected to graduate.

English language test results

Proof of English language proficiency is required by all applicants EXCEPT passport holders from the following countries: Australia, Canada (except Quebec), Ireland, New Zealand, UK, or USA OR those who have studied their entire Bachelor (or Master) program in one of these countries. No exemptions from this requirement will be given, other than those mentioned here.

TSB statistics checklist

Please complete the TSB statistics checklist as requested and upload the document.

*Official translations of the above

If your Transcript of Records and diploma(s) are not in English, Dutch, French or German, the document(s) must be translated by an official/authorized translator (with the exception of your CV, which you can translate yourself). The translator must attach the translation to copies of the original document and stamp both documents. Please note: we cannot accept translations which are not attached to a copy of the original document; the translator must make sure that s/he stamps the copy of the original document and attaches the two documents to each other.

Step 4: Apply in the online application system (MySAS)

Tilburg University has an online application system (MySAS). This is a quick and easy way for international students to apply for admission to our programs of study.

To start your online application, please complete the actions below:

Action 1) Read the requirements above carefully and prepare your application documents as explained in the section above ‘Collect your application documents’.

Action 2) Create an online application account. After you have created this account, the online application system (MySAS) will send you an email asking you to activate your account. Once you have activated your account, you may return to MySAS and start your application.

Action 3) Start your online application by completing the following information

  • Step 1) Your personal details (name, date of birth, nationality, etc.)
  • Step 2) Your address details (where you live, emergency contact address)
  • Step 3) Your proposed program of study (the program for which you are applying)
  • Step 4) Your language test results (your proficiency in English).  We would advise you to take the test at least three months before you are planning to travel to the Netherlands in order to avoid disappointment.
  • Step 5) Your educational background (your previous education, schools/university attended)
  • Step 6) Upload your supporting documents (required documents needed to apply).  Please note: if you do not upload the correct document (e.g. the correct statistics checklist), the processing of your application will be delayed. Please upload these documents only once
  • Step 7) Upload additional documents (optional documents, not obligatory).  Please note: only upload documents which you feel are relevant to the assessment of your application. Please do not upload documents here which you have already uploaded elsewhere.
  • Step 8) Survey (how did you learn about Tilburg University?)
  • Step 9) Review (check that you have completed steps 1 to 8)
  • Step 10) Submit (you will be able to submit your application after steps 1 to 8 have been completed)

Your application can only be assessed for admission when you have successfully submitted your application.

Step 5: Confirmation and Assessment


If you have not uploaded the correct documents as described above, you will receive an e-mail requesting you to upload the correct document. Your application will not be processed until all the correct documents have been uploaded.

When all the correct documents have been uploaded, you will receive an e-mail confirming the completeness of your application and explaining the next step in the process.


The Admissions Committee will assess your application on an individual basis, according to the following:

  • The level of your previous degree, which, as a minimum, must be equivalent to a Dutch Bachelor degree from a research university.
  • The content match between your previous degree and this programi is assessed with the information provided in your Transcript of Records, the Psychology course checklist and the statistics checklist.
  • Your motivation to follow this program of study at Tilburg University.

The Admissions Committee may request additional documentation from you. However, this will only be done if the information contained in your application is insufficient to assess the above. If this is the case, you will receive an e-mail specifying the information required.

The Admission Committee does not take work experience in this field into account when assessing your application for admission.

You will be informed of the outcome of your application by the middle of May at the latest.

Step 6: Admissions Committee's decision

Admission directly to Master's program

Your admission may be conditional upon your graduation from your current degree or meeting the English proficiency requirements. If so, this will be detailed in your conditional admission letter. These requirements must be met by September 1, 2018 at the latest. If you are unable to do so for any reason, you must send an e-mail to our Admissions Officer, Ms. Ruth Davis, via for advice.

Rejection of your application

The Admissions Committee may consider that the level and/or content match between your previous education and our Master's program is insufficient to admit you to our double degree Master's program.

Step 7: Enroll via Studielink

All applicants accepted for this Master's program are required to register via Studielink, the Dutch national database for admission to higher education. You will be given more specific information in your acceptance letter regarding the procedure. We would strongly advise you to register via Studielink only AFTER you have been accepted for a program of study here at Tilburg University.

We would strongly advise you to register in Studielink as soon as possible after your admission.

    • You will not receive information about other procedures after your admission (such as the visa procedure, if applicable) until after you have registered in Studielink.
    • As of September 1, you will not be able to register in Studielink or change your program of study.

    Please note: it is not sufficient to apply for admission only via Studielink. If you do not apply according to the procedure above, you will not be accepted for the program and will not be able to come to Tilburg University.

    Do you have any questions?

    Please feel free to contact our International Affairs Team, if you have any questions regarding the admission requirements or procedure.

    You can contact us before, during or even after you submit your application. Our international team will be glad to answer all your questions about studying at Tilburg School of Social and Behavioral Sciences and provide you with detailed practical information!

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