Alumna Samantha Langendoen

Samantha Langendoen
  • Name: Samantha Langendoen                 
  • Date of birth: 07-08-1989          
  • Nationality: Dutch         
  • Bachelor’s and Master’s program: BA Sociologie at the EUR, Extended master Sociology at Tilburg University    
  • Year of graduation: 2014/2015
  • Employer: SpringCo
  • Position: Junior Consultant

"Especially the quantitative analyses and techniques I learned in my Master’s are the things I use in my job, but also the experience I gained in the traineeship play a big part in my professional career."

Can you describe what your current position involves?

In my current position I am a consultant at SpringCo. SpringCo is a company that uses big data to predict future consumer behavior, especially consumer behavior in their living environment. For example: predicting the tendency to move to a specific neighborhood/city. My job is to analyze the data and report the findings.

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Is this your first position after graduation? If not, what did you do before?

It is actually! I graduated in December 2014 and started this job in January 2015.

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How did you get in touch with this company?

It was a position which I got because of my personal network. Someone contacted me because of a position that opened for someone who was skillful in quantitative analyses. My contact thought of me as the perfect candidate.

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What was the defining moment in your study?

During the writing of my Bachelor thesis I had to accept the fact that qualitative research was not my 'cup of tea'. In Tilburg I could further develop my skills in quantitative research. My traineeship at Gemeente Tilburg also made me realize this was what I wanted to do in the future: to be a quantitative researcher and to get more involved in working with big data.

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How do you use the knowledge gained at Tilburg University in your job?

Especially the quantitative analyses and techniques I learned in my Master’s are the things I use in my job, but also the theoretical background and critical thinking and the experience I gained in the traineeship play a big part in my professional career.

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Does your current job/your career until now meet the expectations you had as a student?

Yes it does! When I was a student I often had doubts about the applicability of the theory and techniques in the 'real world'. Now I am sure that Sociology is a great study which teaches you to be a good researcher and also a critical thinker with lots of knowledge and curiosity about society.

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What has surprised you (positively) about you Master's program?

I had no expectations at all coming to Tilburg for my Master’s, I made the choice solely on the fact that there was the opportunity to do a traineeship. So actually everything surprised me in a positive way. The courses were really diverse and interesting and I had the freedom to choose my own thesis subject.

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Did you participate in extracurricular activities and if so, how did this contribute to your personal development?

As I mentioned earlier I took the chance to participate in the extended version of the Master’s program, which gave me the opportunity to practice my knowledge and to learn about the job of a researcher in the public sector. I also took place in a committee in study association Versot and I participated at information days informing future students about Sociology and the Master’s program in Tilburg. During my Bachelor in Rotterdam I also participated in a study association. I was member of the board for one year and I participated in the educational committee of Sociology.

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What is your ambition? What would like to have achieved in 2020?

In 2020 I see myself in an organization in the public sector (a ministry or municipality) in the research department, where I would have a function in providing advice about research and using existing data/big data for new developments.

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Do you have any advice for current students?

Take your time! I studied for quite some years now, because I wanted to get the whole experience of being a student: being a board member, being a member of a student association and participating in other activities like the traineeship. Because of this I graduated with lots of knowledge about sociology, myself and who I wanted to become. And of course a great cv, which helps you to get the job you really want. So I advice current students to look beyond the study and do everything you want to do. Do you minor abroad if you want to and take your chance to do some other extracurricular activities.

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