Pre-Master's Program Sociology

Achieve your Master's diploma in Sociology in 1,5 year!

The pre-Master's program Sociology is a half-year English-taught program of study (30 ECTS) that prepares you for the one-year English taught Master's program Sociology.

The pre-Master Sociology has two intake moments; the first intake moment will be at the end of August and the second intake moment will be at the end of January. On successful completing of the pre-Master's program, you will automatically be accepted onto the Master's program Sociology (two intake moments). Successful completion of both programs makes it possible to achieve your Master's diploma in 1,5 year.

Courses followed include specific areas within the field, as well as courses in statistics and research methodology. In general:

  • 18 ECTS will be earned in courses specifically related to sociology (including academic skills)
  • 9 ECTS will be earned in statistics and research methodology courses
  • 3 ECTS will be earned in research lab courses

For who?

Applicants will be accepted onto the pre-Master program if either the level of their previous academic program does not meet the required level to enter the Master program directly (for example, a Bachelor's degree from a University of Applied Science or equivalent), or if the academic content of the previous academic program does not match the requirements for direct entry into the Master program.

On successful completion of this program, you will automatically be accepted onto the Master's program in Sociology for the subsequent academic year.

International applicants

International applicants will be informed in the conditional admission letter as to whether you have been accepted onto the pre-Master or Master program.

Program structure and courses

The pre-Master's program Sociology consists of 30 credits (ECTS), equivalent to 840 hours of study, divided into two units. All courses for the pre-Master's program will be taught in English. The pre-Master's program in Sociology has two intake moments. Students can start the pre-Master's program at the end of August (first intake moment) or at the end of January (second intake moment). The students follow slightly different programs.

Courses first intake moment: start August

Courses second intake moment: start January

Unit 3 (January-March)

Unit 4 (March-June)

Total: 30 ECTS

For more information about the individual courses above, please go to the Electronic Study Guide.

Admission and Application procedure for the pre-Master's program in Sociology

If you want to apply for admission to the half-year pre-Master's program in Sociology please follow the application process for students with a Dutch nationality AND HBO Bachelor's diploma.

Only Dutch HBO graduates can apply directly to the pre-Master's program in Sociology.

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