Yannick Robert Lamens

Yannick Robert Lamens
  • Name: Yannick Robert Lamens
  • Date of birth: 29-10-1990
  • Nationality: Dutch
  • Bachelor’s and Master’s program: International Business Administration & Master in Strategic Management (Consultancy track)
  • Year of graduation: 2014
  • Employer: PwC
  • Position: Finance Consultant

"Every day, especially the tools and mindset my Master's provided me with: Pyramid thinking, storyboarding and client intake, to name just a few. These are all basic tools any consultant should be familiar with."

Alumnus Yannick Robert Lamens about his experiences:

What does your current position involve?

Working within the Finance team of PwC as a consultant means doing a variety of things. Finance deals with multiple client issues that pertain to the finance function within the whole of the organization. This ranges from very broadly advising clients on improving finance end-to-end processes to putting some very specific expertise on the table, for instance, to improve the working capital position of companies.

I myself have participated in multiple projects, big and small, with very different characteristics. I have been part of a project that dealt with a major reorganization of back-office processes, including finance; I was responsible for building the business case and the product rationalization of the client’s portfolio. In a different project, I was sent to London three days a week to participate in a project that dealt with an EMEA reorganization of the entire organization. Specifically, I was tasked with cleaning up the business case and assisting in the process of evaluating potential outsourcing partners for several back-office processes. In yet another project, I gained a more autonomous role, where PwC offered its services to a Dutch company to help it improve the working capital position of its subsidiaries. Here I was more free to express myself and take the lead in brainstorming about how to design the different elements to improve the working capital position of companies.

Mind you, this is just a small portion of the arsenal of solutions PwC offers its clients. If you are interested in consulting, then I strongly suggest you dig deeper and find out about what it is a consultant actually does in a large company such as PwC.

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How did you get in touch with this company?

I knew PwC from its audit & assurance practices, but got in touch with the consulting side during my Master’s, when PwC facilitated a guest lecture. A friend of a friend I knew was already working for the company and appeared very enthusiastic about the work they were doing. That was enough for me.

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What was the defining moment in your studies?

In my opinion, the most defining moment in my studies was probably the project associated with the Strategic Consultancy course: going to the High-Tech campus in Eindhoven and providing a start-up company with advice to strengthen their plan and pitch for more funds. Actually using all the knowledge you have garnered during your studies to aid someone else with a brilliant idea, and succeeding, was very satisfying.

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How do you use the knowledge gained at Tilburg University in your job?

Every day, especially the tools and mindset my Master’s provided me with: Pyramid thinking, storyboarding and client intake, to name just a few. These are all basic tools any consultant should be familiar with.

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Does your current job/your career so far meet the expectations you had as a student?

In some cases it did, in others it did not, but that is not necessarily a bad thing. Going from being a lazy ‘A’ student to working corporate life is a transition I guess no one really can prepare themselves for. If I was to say anything about the content and variety of my job: PwC has managed to exceed my expectations in most areas. In other areas, I reckon I need to lose some of the romance I had assigned to the work.

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What has surprised you about your Master's program?

I was surprised about how well knowledge was being put into practice and how engagingly this was done with most of the courses. A lot of real-life examples, cases, and projects gave me the idea that this was not just something that somebody came up with and wrote a book about. I enjoyed the atmosphere and the lecturers’ enthusiasm and professionalism.

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What is your ambition?

I can’t be sure to be honest. I would aim to be happy with what I would be doing at the time, whatever that might be. Making use of my capabilities to enrich the lives of as many people as I can, perhaps?  Consulting is not a business you stay in too long, at least not at the same company, from what I see.

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Do you have any advice for current students?

If you want something: go get it. Nobody is going to come and hand it to you.  If you want something to change, be the change. Try to be kind and, most importantly, enjoy yourself!

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