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Jean Monnet Scholarship

The Jean Monnet Scholarship Program aims at increasing the number of experts in the EU field and supporting Turkey’s administrative capacity building efforts for the effective implementation of the EU acquis within the framework of Turkey’s negotiation process for the full membership to the EU.

Scholarship amount for Master's degrees 

  • Full tuition fee (up to 20.000 euro)
  • 1,400 euros per month for living expenses
  • 3,000 euros (fixed amount for various expenses to be paid only once (to be used for the visa-passport, educational materials, travel, study visit, registration to local authorities, health and insurance, any tax liabilities and similar expenses.

Eligible Master's programs

  • MSc Accountancy
  • MSc Economics
  • MSc Finance
  • MSc Information Management
  • MSc International Business Tax Economics
  • LLM European Union Law    
  • LLM International Law and Global Governance    
  • LLM International Business Law    
  • LLM Law and Technology    
  • MSc Communication and Information Sciences
  • MA Management of Cultural Commununication
  • MSc Sociology

Deadline to apply

  • February 23rd 2018 (keep in mind that besides applying for the scholarship at Jean Monnet, you will also have to apply for the Master's program at Tilburg University)

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