Master's students at their graduation ceremony

Orange Tulip Scholarship (Indonesia)

A partial tuition fee waiver + € 5,000 (Holland Scholarship) for outstanding Indonesian students enrolling in a one-year Master's degree program at Tilburg University.

About the Orange Tulip Scholarship (Indonesia)

The Orange Tulip Scholarship program (OTS) gives talented Indonesian students the opportunity to study in the Netherlands with a partial tuition fee waiver. Tilburg University offers five Scholarships. 

Benefits of the Scholarship (2020-2021)

The Scholarship beneficiaries will receive a partial tuition fee waiver and will pay a tuition fee of € 4,450. 

Beneficiaries admitted to the Master’s program in Christianity and Society will receive a tuition fee waiver to € 2,092.  

In addition, all OTS (Indonesia) beneficiaries will automatically receive the Holland Scholarship of € 5,000 as a contribution to their living expenses.

Who can apply?

Applicants must meet the following basic criteria to apply for the Orange Tulip Scholarship (Indonesia):

  • You must have Indonesian nationality;
  • You must apply to Tilburg University for one of the programs listed below by March 1, 2020;
  • You must be admitted to one of the programs listed below by April 1, 2020;
  • You must have excellent study results in your Bachelor’s (or Master’s) degree program. As an indication, you must have graduated (or can prove that you are going to graduate) with an average result of at least 80% or must be among the 10% of your class;
  • You must submit your application for the Orange Tulip Scholarship to NESO Indonesia by April 15, 2020.

Current Pre-Master students are not eligible to apply.

Eligible Master’s Programs

MSc Accountancy LLM European Law and Global Risk MSc Communication and Cognition
MSc Business Analytics and Operations Research LLM International Law and Global Governance MSc New Media Design
MSc Econometrics and Mathematical Economics LLM Law and Technology MSc Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence
MSc Economics LLM Labour Law and Employment Relations MA Online Culture
MSc Finance MSc Public Governance MA Management of Cultural Diversity
MSc Information Management MSc Global Management of Social Issues MA Philosophy of Humanity and Culture
MSc International Business Tax Economics MSc Human Resource Studies MA Philosophy of Contemporary Challenges
MSc International Management MSc Organization Studies MA Christianity and Society
MSc Marketing Management MSc Sociology  
MSc Marketing Analytics MSc Economic Psychology  
MSc Quantitative Finance and Actuarial Science MSc Work and Organizational Psychology  
MSc Strategic Management MSc Data Science and Society  
MSc Supply Chain Management MSc Communication and Information Sciences  
LLM International Business Law MSc Business Communication and Digital Media  
LLM International Business Tax Law    

Application Procedure

The Scholarship application procedure is as follows:

Step 1 (deadline: March 1): Applicants must apply for admission to Tilburg University for one of the programs listed above.

Step 2 (deadline: April 15): Applicants must apply for the Orange Tulip Scholarship (Indonesia) via NESO Indonesia.

Selection Procedure

Step 1: NESO Indonesia will review the applications and forward applicants’ details to the Scholarship Coordinator at Tilburg University.

Step 2: The Scholarship Coordinator will coordinate the selection of Scholarship recipients.  Please note: during the selection procedure, preference will be given to applicants who are either unconditionally admitted to a Master’s program OR those whose graduation is the only outstanding admission condition.

  • June 1: The Scholarship Coordinator will inform all applicants of the Scholarship awards. 
  • June 5: The successful applicants must confirm acceptance of the Scholarship. 
  • June 8: The Scholarship Coordinator will reallocate any Scholarships to applicants on the waiting list, if Scholarships have not been accepted.
  • June 12: The successful applicants must confirm acceptance of the Scholarship. 
  • June 15: Final round.
  • June 19: The final Scholarship awards made; applicants on the waiting list will be informed of the final outcome of their Scholarship application.