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Tilburg University Field Hockey Grant

Tilburg University has 6 grants available for international students-athletes who are admitted to a Bachelor or Master's program at Tilburg University, and play field hockey for a Hoofdklasse (highest league) team in the Netherlands.

Scholarship amount

The Tilburg University Field Hockey Grant is:

  • A one-time payment of € 750 or € 1,250 (depending on application)

For whom?

To qualify for a Tilburg University Field Hockey Grant, you must fulfill the following requirements, in addition to the regular requirements for admission to a Bachelor or Master's program:

  • Candidates must have obtained at least 36 ECTS in the year they are applying for the Hockey Grant
  • Candidates must be playing for a Hoofdklasse team (male or female)

Selection criteria

Based on the following selection criteria, the Dual Career Coordinator will select the recipients of the Field Hockey Grant:

  • Proof of being a member of a Hoofdklasse Hockey team.
  • Proof of the academic results of 36 ECTS
  • Funding is limited.  Excellence (in sports and academics) can become a criterion in case of more than 6 applicants.

Tilburg University strives for a balanced participation in terms of nationality.


Tilburg University Field Hockey Grants are awarded for one academic year, and can only be applied for towards the end of the academic year.

Application procedure

To apply for a Tilburg University Hockey Scholarship you should:

  1. Contact the Dual Career Coordinator, Mr Ferenc Jongejan
  2. Fill out and return the application form, from the Dual Career Coordinator.

What happens next?

You will be informed about the outcome of the grant request by the Dual Career Coordinator within 2 weeks after applying.
Please note that the Dual Career Coordinator might receive more applications than the available 6 grants.