Top-level academic education within an international environment prepares you for a responsible position in society.

European Post-Master Accountancy program

Key facts about our program:

  • Three-year program to become Registeredaccountant (RA) in the Netherlands
  • Cultural experience, classes are given in three profoundly different parts of Europe (Netherlands, Romania and Spain). In the seminars abroad office visits are part of the program.
  • Seminars are scheduled in relatively quiet periods: November, May, and July, no study related time is planned in the busy season of January-April
  • High quality faculty which mainly consists of professors and highly experienced practitioners.
  • Innovative curriculum as well as contemporary teaching methods.
  • The program and employers are selective toward potential students.
  • The model of one- or two-week uninterrupted blocks instead of weekly classes on Fridays leads to a better balance between study and work and it allows students who live abroad to participate without having to give up their jobs
  • Two official certifications: RA (the Dutch certification) and on-demand the CPA (The US Certified Public Accountant).
  • Small groups of 25 students at a maximum and personal attention by faculty, management and supporting staff.
  • Highly interactive classes with a high level of discussion.
  • A great contribution to your network.
  • Training in English business language proficiency.

EPMA Agenda

In the schedule below you find a quick overview on the structure and agenda of the EPMA program. More questions about the program? Look at our introduction video on this site or contact the EPMA program office.

Courses and ECTS points ECTS points
Internal control and Accounting Informations Systems ICAIS 21
Auditing &Assurance A&A 30
Financial Reporting FR 21
Tax law* 12
Corporate law* 6
Total 72

* deficiency courses embedded in the curriculum. Only mandatory for students who need to mitigate the deficiency, therefore not in Total # ECTS Students can opt for these courses if they want.

** In November of YEAR 3 there are theory days provided. This is mandatory for all students to be able to know the US GAAP - IFRS - RJ comparisons which is helpful for any international career.

Courses and Exam Oppertunities First Exam opp. Second Exam opp. Third Exam opp. Fourth Exam opp.
Internal control and Accounting Informations Systsems ICAIS Dec year 2 June year 2 Dec year 3 June year 3
Auditing & Assurance A&A Dec year 3 June year 3 Dec year 4 June year 4
Financial Reporting FR (ORAL EXAM) June year 2 Dec year 3 June year 3 Dec year 4

NB: These are the national exam opportunities. Institutional exams are always planning within the seminars. When resits are organized we do this within the seminars if the students are still in the regular program. If the students still have resits after year 3, these will be planned taking into account the agenda's of all participants as good as possible.

Dates for the course periods in the EPMA program for 2016 - 2019:

Each year the program starts in November. It is not possible to start the program in other months.  

Calendar year Year in program Month Venue Dates
2016 1 November Tilburg 21-26 November 2016
2017 1 May Bucharest 7-20 May 2017
1 July Valencia 9-22 July 2017
2 November* Tilburg 12-25 November 2017
2018 2 May Bucharest 6-19 May 2018
2 July Valencia 1-14 July 2018
3 November* Tilburg 11-24 November 2018
2019 3 May** Tilburg/Bucharest 5-18 May 2019
3 July** Tilburg/Valencia 7-20 July
November Tilburg 10-23 November 2019

* Start of respectively EPMA 2017-2020 and EPMA 2018-2021. The first seminar of the program is 1 week instead of 2 weeks, this week will always be planned in the 3rd week of November.

**Third year students stay in Tilburg to finish their term paper of auditing.