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Admitted - what's next?

You have been (conditionally or unconditionally) admitted to Tilburg University. Congratulations and a warm welcome to everyone! On this website you can find key information to prepare for your studies at Tilburg University. This includes information about pre-departure information sessions, immigration & accommodation, insurances, how to finalize your enrollment and financial matters.

On Campus if we can | Online because we can

Turn your conditional admission into unconditional admission

In order to be fully enrolled as a student at Tilburg University, you must meet the conditions of admission detailed in your Admission Statement Letter and you must arrange the payment of your tuition fee in Studielink.

  • Please make sure to follow the necessary steps and submit documents (if this is applicable to you) as stipulated in your Admission Statement Letter, sent to you by e-mail (with a title 'Application to Tilburg University, DECISION') by your International Admissions Coordinator. This document is leading in the admissions process and informs you about your individual admission status and the necessary steps to take to get unconditionally admitted for one of our study programs.
  • On this webpage you can read how you can change your conditional admission into unconditional admission.

Pre-departure information sessions

On December 3, we have hosted a virtual Pre-departure information session(s) for all students who have been (conditionally or unconditionally) admitted and who will begin (or continue) their studies in February 2021. During this information session, we have discussed the implications that the COVID-19 outbreak may have had on your situation, and  have presented the latest information and updates.

Session 1 (9.30 am - 10.30 am, CET): for our current (EEA and Non-EEA) students, who have started their (online) studies in September 2020 and who are planning to travel to Tilburg for the Spring semester 2021 and will thus be switching from online to a 'hybrid' format of education.

You can playback the session here: https://youtu.be/lPhOrUGQ854

Session 2 (11.00 am - 12.30 pm, CET): for students who have been (conditionally or unconditionally) admitted to one of our Pre-Master's or Master's programs starting in February 2021,  and who will be pursuing either online or hybrid education. 

You can playback the session here: https://youtu.be/RrkdZTWWT2U

Pre-departure guide and checklist

Download the Welcome to Tilburg University Guide

Please also follow our updates on the web page FAQ on coronavirus for prospective students.

You will find important information regarding practical matters via the navigation on the left and below:

Freshmen Facebook group

We understand that getting to know your classmates before arrival is important, and now more so than ever. This is why we have created a Facebook group for all freshmen: Tilburg University | Freshmen (Sep. 2020 - Jan. 2021). In the group you are most welcome to introduce yourself, interact with each other, make connections and ask any questions you might have. Feel free to join the group!

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