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In order to assist you with opening a Dutch bank account, Tilburg University has made an agreement with ABN AMRO bank, which is one of the most popular banks in the Netherlands and is conveniently located in the Tilburg city center.

International students can open an ABN AMRO International Student Account

  • The debit card can be used in every store in the Netherlands and also on the University campus.
  • Monthly account charges for this International Student Account are approximately € 1.55.
  • You will receive a bank accountdebit card and access to Internet Banking and Mobile Banking.
  • Unfortunately it is not possible for International Students to apply for a Credit Card.

Do I need to open a Dutch bank account?

  • First, check if you have a bank account in a country that is a member of the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) country in our overview of SEPA countries (pdf). If you have a bank account in a country that is a member of SEPA, it is not strictly necessary to open a Dutch bank account. You are advised to contact your own bank for more information.
  • If you have been awarded a Scholarship, which includes receiving payments from Tilburg University, it is particularly important to open a Dutch bank account. This is the only way we can transfer the Scholarship to you.

When to arrange my bank account?

ABN AMRO will be present at Tilburg University campus during the Registration Day on January 17, 2020. We strongly recommend that you plan your travel to Tilburg University to arrive on the Registration Day, because this gives you the opportunity to arrange everything at once.  But it is also possible to arrange it afterwards. 

Opening a bank account during the Registration Day

During the Registration Day you’re able to visit ABN AMRO on campus in order to start the procedure to open a bank account.

Your bank account will be activated within 3 weeks. This will be done at the second appointment at the ABN AMRO office in the city center.

When opening a bank account, we would like to ensure you follow the correct procedure, so please read the information below carefully and follow the instructions given to open a bank account

In order to do this you will need to check if your country uses a TIN (Tax Identification Number). This will determine the type of documents you will need to bring with you and you may need to apply for additional documents before arrival. 

What is your TIN country? Your TIN country is the country where you presently pay tax (where you are currently liable to pay tax), or the county were you were last liable to pay tax. If you have never paid tax, check the information applicable to your country of origin.

Check if your country is on the TIN list

  • If you are from a country that uses a TIN, it is mandatory to submit your TIN to the ABN AMRO. Please go to:YES, my country is on the TIN list
  • If you are from a country that does not use a TIN, please go to: NO, my country is not on the TIN list.
YES, my country is on the TIN list
NO, my country is not on the TIN list

Opening a bank account after the Registration Day

The procedure is mostly the same as described above, except you make an appointment with ABN Amro bank yourself.

  • First, check if you have a bank account in a country that is a member of the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) country
  • Secondly, if you are opening a bank account, also check if you need to bring a Tax Identification Number (TIN). If you are from a country that uses a TIN, you will need to apply for this before arrival. It is mandatory to submit your TIN with ABN Amro.
  • Make an appointment yourself: if you are unable to be present during the Registration Days in order to open a bank account, you have to make an appointment by email with the ABN AMRO Bank Tilburg HeuvelringYou can send an email to tilburg.university@nl.abnamro.com to request an appointment. Please add the following contact details: Name, Address, and Telephone number. 

Important information

  • Do not forget to mention that you are an international student from Tilburg University.
  • Also don't forget to bring a printed version of the required documents. You can find which documents you need to bring under the Is your country on the TIN list? paragraph.
  • Your presence at this appointment is required to start your application for the International Student Account.
  • Please be aware that the total process will take 3 weeks.
  • If you have any questions about the bank account you can send an email to tilburg.university@nl.abnamro.com.
  • Note: if you are under 18, you need to bring a copy of your parent's/guardian's passport or identity card to ABN AMRO.

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