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Registration Day (Spring 2020)

During the Registration Day, Tilburg University will provide you with a warm welcome and a pleasant arrival. You are expected to arrive during the Registration Day, where you will check in and meet the Study Abroad & Exchange Team or Admission Officer of Tilburg University. In addition, we provide you with all kinds of amenities/services that will contribute to a relaxed and organized start to your stay.

Dates, time, and location

  • Date: Friday January 17, 2020
  • Times:  all our services are organized throughout the day; you are encouraged to arrive on campus any time between 09:00 a.m. and 06.00 p.m.
  • Location: Building Academia (A)

Make the best of your first days in Tilburg

  • All practical matters can be arranged at the same time upon your arrival! This will give you many benefits and will also save you time.
  • All of this is achieved in a pleasant atmosphere, whilst enjoying a drink and listening to music in a typically Dutch setting.
  • During the fun-packed, interactive and useful Registration Day you will get it all!

We strongly recommend that you plan your travel to Tilburg University to arrive on the Registration Day. If you do not visit the Registration Day you will have to arrange a lot by yourself, which will take you much longer. For example, you must make separate appointments with all the involved parties and you must travel to different locations in Tilburg yourself. See paragraph 'Late Arrival Desk' below.

Ensure you have a head start in Tilburg, and visit our Registration Day!

What can you expect during Registration Day?

  • Make use of our Travel Assistance at Schiphol and Eindhoven Airport to arrive safely at Tilburg University.
  • Pick up service by minibus from the railway station 'Tilburg Universiteit' to our campus.
  • Register your presence at Tilburg University.
  • Meet & Greet your Admissions Officer or the Study Abroad & Exchange Team.
  • Make an appointment to open your Dutch bank account.
  • Pick up your Tilburg University Student Card (if you apply before: will be announced soon, this will be ready for you to collect during the Registration Day).
    • Make sure that you order your card on time in order to open your bank account when you arrive.
  • Register for TOP Week, if you have not already done so (not applicable for CentER students).
  • Buy a bike!
  • Meet I*ESN our international student association.
  • Purchase your membership for the Sports Center (Win a FREE 1 month membership).
  • Obtain a free Dutch sim-card at I*ESN.
  • Arrange your insurance with AON.
  • Get information about housing and immigration matters.
  • Practical information about public transport in the Netherlands and the hotspots in Tilburg.

Furthermore you can enjoy live music, typically Dutch snacks and sweets and refreshing drinks. Former students will be available to answer study-related questions and you meet your new fellow students from all over the world!

What is next?

Once you have completed the above, you (and your luggage!) will be taken by private minibus to your accommodation at Professor Verbernelaan, Talent Square, the office of Kamerbemiddeling Tilburg OR you will be taken to the Tilburg Central railway station to find your way to your accommodation.

During the first weekend in Tilburg, various events will be arranged by our international student association I*ESN to help you get to know Tilburg and your fellow students.

Practical matters

Late Arrival Information: where to go to during the weekend
Late Arrival Desk
Contact Details
Where to stay?