Tilburg studentenstad

Arranging your accommodation

Tilburg is a popular university city in the Netherlands. Because of this, the demand for student housing is high. Finding accommodation is one of the most important things to arrange before your arrival, please note that we cannot guarantee housing, and it’s your own responsibility to find a room. Therefore, we advise you to make it number one priority and start searching for a house several months before arriving.

Universities in the Netherlands do not own student housing. It is your own responsibility to find a room before your arrival. Therefore, you should make it your number one priority and start searching immediately. Of course, our Housing Office supports you when and where needed.

  • Tilburg University reserves a number of rooms with housing providers for eligible new international students. This is called reserved accommodation. Have a look at the reserved accommodation section for more information about the rooms.
  • Please note, there are not enough reserved rooms for all incoming international students. Therefore it is recommended to look in the private market as well
  • We strongly advise you to register on KlikvoorKamers (registration is free) right away, as this is a waiting time based platform.
  • Please be aware that only a limited number of furnished rooms are available in Tilburg. Do not limit your options and also look for unfurnished rooms.
  • Renting an apartment with 2 or more students is very difficult and therefore not recommended. Check our private market section for tips and tricks.