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Accommodation in Tilburg for degree-seeking Students

Are you an exchange student? Read more about accomodation in Tilburg for
exchange students

Tilburg University does not own any student accommodation. Instead, we collaborate with housing associations and letting agencies to assist our students in finding suitable housing. Please be aware that only a limited number of furnished rooms are available for international students in Tilburg, so do not hesitate to apply if you wish to take advantage of this offer. However, if you are a student starting in the spring not all reserved accommodation is available. Carefully look at the offers below and check out 'find accommodation yourself' to get all tips and tricks for finding a room on your own.

It’s your own responsibility to find a room before you get here. Therefore, make it your number one priority and start searching immediately. You are not the only one looking for a room at the moment.

Accommodation partners of Tilburg University

Talent Square

Please note: Short Stay Talent Square is only available for students starting their program in September.

Talent Square provides a place for students from all over the world to live together in Tilburg at a dynamic location. Talent Square only offers rooms for degree students. They do have studios available (for both degree and exchange students) but be aware that there is a long waiting list and prices are a lot higher.


TalentSquare is located at the Hart van Brabantlaan, St. Ceciliastraat and Gasthuisring, just a few minutes walking distance from the mainline railway station, Tilburg. In front of TalentSquare is a bus stop. Every ten minutes you can catch a bus to the University. A large supermarket is also nearby and is open seven days a week. There are different services and shops in the building to ensure your stay in Tilburg is a comfortable one. A self-service laundry, a restaurant, an expat center and a cyber cafe are all at your service.

Room details

TalentSquare is a large establishment; in total 705 residences are spread out over four connected buildings. There is a central square with Wi-Fi access where you can meet up with your fellow residents. TalentSquare offers 250 fully furnished rooms (approximately 18 square meters) for international graduate or undergraduate students of Tilburg University. You will live in a shared residence together with four other international students, with whom you share the fully equipped kitchen. All rooms have a private bathroom with shower, washbasin and toilet. You have high speed internet in your room through the fiber network (wired). Accommodation costs are approximately € 470 per month. This includes water, electricity, gas, television, internet, local taxes, maintenance service, general services, some insurances and furniture. For more details, please consult the TalentSquare Tilburg website.

Reservation system

Are you interested in living at TalentSquare? Please visit the website of SSH ShortStay to register for reserved residences. Tilburg University will approve your registration. After approval, you can make your reservation and first payment, and sign your rental agreement. When you have finished the booking process, SSH will send you an e-mail to confirm your reservation. Please be informed that Talent Square Short Stay is only available for students who start their studies in September.

Contract terms

It is only possible to rent accommodation for fixed rental periods (start date August 15th - end date August 14th). The tenancy agreement cannot be ended before the fixed period has ended. Please read the Terms and Conditions carefully before you make the reservation.

Your eligibility

You can reserve a room on the condition that you have been (un)conditionally admitted to a degree program at Tilburg University. These rooms are NOT for exchange students or degree students starting in the spring semester. If you are an exchange student then please visit the accommodation website for exchange students.

Terms and conditions

The tenancy period will be a full academic year. Note that you are not permitted to move to a different room or cancel the agreement during the specified tenancy period. After the academic year has ended you will need to find your own accommodation.

SHH – Tilburg University

Student Housing Holland

Live like a Dutchie in the typical Dutch student houses of Student Housing Holland! Student Housing Holland is a dynamic company that owns several student houses in Tilburg. The owners have developed this unique concept based on their own experience. As former international students they understand your needs and wishes, and aim to take all your worries away. Their mission is to give international students in Tilburg the full student experience by means of high quality housing combined with unique personal services. Student Housing Holland guarantees you a warm welcome in your new home and they are pleased to be “your first friend in town”.

All-in service

All rooms include the unique “everything you need service”, because Student Housing Holland believes international students should study without worries. This is why they will help you from the moment you arrive in the Netherlands. They will pick you up from the airport and drive you to your new home, and will even give you a hand moving your luggage into your room. Moreover they’ll arrange all your essentials like your own bicycle, Wi-Fi, a television, a Dutch SIM-card, a public transport card, sports membership, I*ESN membership, 24/7 emergency service … and more! That’s what friends are for.

Centrally located

Student Housing Holland currently owns twenty student houses throughout various neighborhoods of Tilburg. And they still keep expanding! All accommodations are centrally located and the city center and university are always accessible by your own bike (because that’s how Dutchies travel). The accommodations vary from having four to eleven rooms, filled with international students from all over the world. Houses are provided with a fully equipped kitchen(s), bathroom(s), and most have a garden.

Room details

All rooms are fully furnished, so you are immediately provided with all necessary comforts. To ensure you feel at home when you arrive, the rooms are also decorated with lamps, mood lights and a picture frame. So just bring in your suitcase, some clothes and your favourite stuffed animal. Student Housing Holland offers four different types of rooms to make sure that there is always a room that fits your choice: the Silver Windmill, Golden Windmill, Diamond Windmill and Diamond+ Windmill room. Costs like gas, water, electricity, local taxes, maintenance service and VAT are all included, so you will not receive any unpleasant surprises!


More information about the various accommodations and what is included in each type of room can be found on the Student Housing Holland website: If you have any more questions do not hesitate to contact them via e-mail: A reservation can be made via a booking request on their website:

Finding accommodation yourself

If you weren’t able to reserve a room through one of the housing associations mentioned above then please have a look at the following information.

Finding a place to live is not easy if you do not know how to start. With this information we would like to inform you about some other options for housing in Tilburg to help you with your search.

There are agencies, organizations or websites that can help you find accommodation in Tilburg. Bear in mind that it can take up to 6 months to find a suitable room. This means early registration for accommodation prior to the start of the study program is a must.

Student houses

Most Dutch students live in student houses. These are mostly houses where several students live, but where each individual has his or her own bedroom. The other facilities (such as toilet, bathroom, kitchen and/or living room), have to be shared with other students. In most cases these rooms are rented out by private landlords or ladies.


Renting an apartment with fellow-students could also be an option, but please bear in mind that the costs are mostly considerably higher compared to the costs of a student room.

Anti-squatting agencies

Finally, there are organizations in the Netherlands that offer temporary accommodation in empty real estate (such as a school or office buildings and houses). This specific way of renting is called ‘anti-kraak’, and although your legal rights are less than when renting an ordinary room, the costs are significantly lower too. Please note that the period this type of accommodation is normally available, may differ from three months up to a couple of years.


The most common way is to search the internet. Below you will find several websites (some in Dutch only) which can help you find suitable accommodation. Mind, that some of these websites might require a registration and sometimes ask for a fee. Among them are general websites (links to websites where many rooms are presented, offered by private and commercial parties), commercial real estate agencies and ‘anti-kraak’ organizations. Some real estate agencies might ask for an agency fee.

Kamerbemiddeling Tilburg

Kamerbemiddeling Tilburg is one of the partners Tilburg University works with. They think that finding a student room in Tilburg shouldn't be hard at all. If you register online you can look for your new room right away. It is really that easy!

When you want to rent a room immediately, you can use the online reservation system. Choose a room, pay for it with Ideal or credit card and the room is reserved for you. No interview nights, waiting lists or expensive subscriptions.

Housing Anywhere

Tilburg University is also a partner of international student-to-student housing platform Housing Anywhere. If you are coming from abroad, you can use this website to book a student room.

The rooms on this platform are offered by students who are going abroad to study, graduate or complete a work placement. Using the platform is free for you as a student. You will be charged an administrative fee for using Housing Anywhere’s secure booking system when you make a booking.

Klik voor (Click for Rooms)

If you are going to be studying in Tilburg, the Clickforrooms website is a good place to look for accommodation. Accommodation offered in Tilburg can be found on this website, where you will need to register first. You can register free of charge.

Clickforrooms offers a first-year guarantee arrangement for students who are starting a bachelor's study program for the first time, giving them priority when assigning an unfurnished room based on traveling time. This also applies to foreign students. You can also send an e-mail to Klikvoorkamers for more information.

Kamerpunt: Tilburg

Rooms in Tilburg can be found through Kamerpunt, the specialist student division of the Kamerpunt housing corporation. Kamerbemiddeling Tilburg is a housing agency accredited by the municipal council, which specializes in mediating and renting out student accommodation in Tilburg. The registration fee is €30 and the registration remains valid for 3 years. If you succeed in finding accommodation through Kamerbemiddeling Tilburg, you will need to pay a service fee of €100.

P&D Housing

Fully furnished apartments just a few steps from the center of Tilburg. This is one of twelve new renovated apartments with 2 bedrooms which will be fully furnished and ready to move in on August 15th 2017! The apartments can be rented for up to 6 months.

How to find a room on the private market

It is very common in the Netherlands that student rooms are offered online, either directly by the landlord him/herself, a housing company or by a lessee who is trying to find someone for sublease. Some websites do not necessarily check who is putting rooms for lease through their platform. Therefore it is important to always be cautious.

A few tips:

  • Try to check whether the address of the room offered actually exists (e.g. through google maps).
  • Never transfer money in advance if you are not completely sure that the landlord / agency exists! Sometimes people are scammed out of money by non-existing 'landlords'. Do not send money to anyone for accommodation prior to viewing the property, and verify that the person is the actual landlord or representative of the landlord, and inspect the tenancy agreement. 
  • Always check the credentials of the person subletting the room.
  • Make sure you understand the implications of the tenancy agreement.
  • Get a receipt for any deposit you pay.
  • Do not visit a property alone, make sure someone goes with you or at least knows where you are going, and at what time. 
  • Also consider rooms offered in Dutch because not all students are aware that international students will also be searching for rooms.
  • If you want a second opinion, or if you feel something is not right, contact

Other Housing sites and commercial real estate agencies:

  7. *
  8. *
  11. *
  14. *
  17. *
  19. *
  20. *

Anti-squatting websites


*Website only available in Dutch


Putting a request in a regional newspaper or checking the ads on Marktplaats (an advertising website, but only in Dutch) might be successful. The best newspaper to use for this purpose is Stadsnieuws (only in Dutch). Placing an ad on the message board in supermarkets might also help if that’s possible for you of course.


You can also search for the following Facebook sites (in Dutch):

  1. Kamer Huren Tilburg
  2. Huurwoning of kamer huren in Tilburg
  3. Woonruimte aangeboden/gezocht Tilburg
  4. Kamers Tilburg
  5. Find a room(mate) or house in Tilburg - kamer(s) in Tilburg
  6. I*ESN (International Erasmus Student Network)


Do you have an unfurnished room or are in of extra furniture? You can furnish your room with minimal effort on a student budget with StudentFurniture. They deliver an all-inclusive furniture service, ideal for international students who stay in The Netherlands for a year or less. When you rent a furniture package, they deliver everything you need for your room to your door, assemble it, and pick it up again when you leave. Go to, for more information.

Useful vocabulary when looking for a room

  • Huren/Te huur = To/For rent
  • Studentenhuis = Student house
  • Kamer = Room
  • Appartement = Apartment
  • Inschrijven = Register
  • Voorkeur = Preference
  • Plaats/Stad = City/Town
  • Ligging = Location
  • Oppervlakte = Size (square meters)
  • Prijs (p/mnd) = Price (monthly)
  • Maandelijks = Monthly
  • Bemiddelingskosten = Mediation costs (to be paid once)
  • Beschikbaar = Available
  • Tijdelijk = Temporary
  • Onbepaalde tijd = Undetermined period of time
  • Aantal = Number
  • Huisgenoten = Room/Flatmates
  • Onderhoudsstaat = State of maintenance
  • Gemeubileerd = Furnished
  • Gestoffeerd = Not furnished, with floor covering and drapes
  • Kaal = Not furnished, no floor covering
  • Eigen/gedeeld = Own/Shared
  • WC = Toilet
  • Keuken = Kitchen
  • Badkamer = Bathroom
  • Douche = Shower
  • Toegestaan = Allowed
  • Roken = Smoking
  • Huisdieren = Pets


Arranging accommodation is your own responsibility. However, we will do our utmost to assist you in this process. If you start your study (bachelor, (pre)master or research master) at Tilburg University and if you need any help, please do not hesitate to send your question to Please realize that our team will not send you a list of rooms but that they will try to answer the question you have regarding procedures, payments, deposits, etc.

Disclaimer: These links are being provided as a convenience and for informational purposes only; they do not constitute an endorsement or an approval by Tilburg University of any of the products, services or opinions of the corporation or organization or individual. Tilburg University bears no responsibility for the accuracy, legality or content of the external site or for that of subsequent links. Contact the external site for answers to questions regarding its content.

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