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Private Market

Would you rather find a room or a studio on the private market? Then you can look online for accommodation yourself. Below you can find useful information about all the options Tilburg offers.

What can you expect?

Dutch student houses are fairly unique!

  • It is not uncommon to live in a big house with a lot of housemates! You might have to share the facilities with more people then you are used to. However, it is a great way to make new friends. Housemates often eat together, study together and spend their free time together. Living in a student house is therefore a great way to really emerge in the Tilburg student life. 
  • Of course you could also opt for living in a studio or apartment by yourself. It really depends on your preference! However, it is easier to find a room than to find something just for you as you will often need registration time to reserve such accommodation. Additionally it is more expensive than a regular room in a shared house/flat. It is uncommon in the Netherlands to share a room with a number of people.
  • Generally, students do not live on campus because it is very easy to bike everywhere! Having a bike is essential when living in Tilburg as well. The areas Oud Noord, Oud Zuid, West, Centrum and Oost are all within cycling distance of the University. It is therefore no problem to live in these areas! There are safe bicycle paths leading from every part to the city to the University! 

Get started

Getting started on your search can be very overwhelming, therefore we have made a step by step plan which can help with narrowing your search. Also you can take a look at the student in Tilburg website

1. Decide what type of accommodation suits you best

You can choose between rooms, studios and apartments in all different price ranges. Note that the levels of difficulty are set for students who start their search in time. The closer you get to your arrival date, the more difficult it will be to find a place.


2. Decide where you would like to live

By using the map you can decide what would be the best suit you when looking for a location. Please download the map (pdf) and learn more about the city areas. 

Map with the area's of Tilburg

3. Decide which website or agency you are going to use

Here you can find a list of agencies and websites. All have been separated on different criteria so you can make a well informed choice about which agency suits your needs the best. 

There are also a couple of Facebook pages which are used quite often in Tilburg. Always keep the safety tips in mind when using social media platforms for finding accommodation:

Found an unfurnished room? No problem!
With the furniture rental service of Student Furniture Holland it is now also easy to rent an unfurnished room. Especially if you are going to live somewhere for a short period, renting furniture is much cheaper than buying. In addition, you save yourself a lot of trouble because the delivery and pick-up service is free for every rental of at least 3 months! Why would you bother hauling around furniture from a large furniture store when everything can be arranged instantly? In this way you also add a contribution to a durable society. Your furniture will be used again when in good order.

More information: www.studentfurnitureholland.com


Now that you have decided what you want, it is important to be safe when searching! Unfortunately we sometimes get notified of scams. It is important that you look for the warning signs when you are booking a room. Therefore we have set out some safety tips for you! 

  1. Never transfer money to a landlord who claims to be abroad and will therefore post you the keys. This is the most common way of scamming.
  2. Be careful when a landlord wants you to transfer money to a non Dutch banking account.
  3. Always check if the address of the accommodation you would like to use exists. If it is from a housing company, for example WonenBreburg, Tiwos or TBV Wonen, please check if this is true. An accommodation of a housing company can't and is not allowed to sub-let to someone else, only when they have an official written permission to do so.
  4. Verify the person who are you are (sub) letting a room from. Check their credentials and be sure that they are actually the landlord or owner of the accommodation.
  5. Get a receipt for the deposit you pay.
  6. Make sure you understand the implications of your tenancy agreement. If you need a concept contract in English, be sure to contact the housing office. They can help you along.
  7. Do not visit a property alone, make sure someone goes with your or at least knows where you are going, at what time.
  8. If you want a second opinion, or if you feel something is not right, contact studenthousing@tilburguniversity.edu.
  9. Make sure to read the article on what to check before signing the contract from Student in Tilburg here
Safety when searching for a room

Online payment

We advise you to not make any insecure payments. Please know that housing platform Kamernet offers a secured payment service. Your money is kept safe on an escrow server (third party bank account) and will only be transferred to the landlord after you’ve received the key to your new home. Didn’t receive a key? Then you’ll get your money back. 

Even if you didn’t find a room through Kamernet, you can make use of the secured payment service. Both you and the landlord can create an account on Kamernet for free. The landlord can then reply to your profile, send you a rent request and you are able to safely and easily transfer the money.