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Immigration fees

To simplify the payment procedure you can pay the immigration fee directly to the Immigration Office, who will transfer it on your behalf to the Dutch Immigration Service (IND)*.

Half of the universities in the Netherlands follow this procedure. There are some universities where the immigration fee is included in the tuition fees or where you have to pay directly to the IND. It makes no difference which Dutch university you attend, the fee for your visa and/or residence permit is always the same. The immigration fee is fixed by the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Tilburg University tries to inform you about the costs of a study program at Tilburg University as explicitly as possible and, at the same time, tries to simplify the payment procedure of the immigration fee for you. The immigration fee is not therefore included in the tuition fee and the Immigration Office will be happy to pass on the fee on your behalf.

*Note that this information does not apply to students requesting a residence permit through the Working Holiday Scheme or the Working Holiday Program.

Overview of the immigration fees:

Type of application Fee
1. MVV shortened procedure: for entering the Netherlands with a provisional residence permit, also called an entry visa € 174
VVR after MVV: together with the provisional residence permit (MVV) you must apply for a residence permit (VVR) € 0
MVV shortened procedure + VVR after MVV Total: € 174
2. VVR without MVV: for situations where you don’t need a provisional residence permit (MVV), but you do need a regular residence permit € 174
3. Change in residence permit: to change the purpose of your residence permit into study purposes € 174
4. VVR through Working Holiday Program or Working Holiday Scheme: You must apply for a residence permit (VVR), but you meet the criteria of the Working Holiday Program or Working Holiday Scheme € 58
5. Extension of VVR: If your study program at Tilburg University continues beyond the expiry date of your residence permit (VVR), you need to apply for an extension € 174