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Arrange your insurances

When living in the Netherlands, you must, by law, have appropriate health insurance. We strongly recommend that you have the appropriate liability and travel insurance as well. Organizing these insurances is your own responsibility, but we have set out some general information/guidelines.

PLEASE NOTE: Tilburg University cannot be held responsible for any costs, which may be incurred during your stay in Tilburg as a result of incorrect medical and/or liability insurance.

Also note: it is important that you take out the correct insurance before you need it. We recommend you take out insurance before coming to the Netherlands even as it mostly also covers your journey to the Netherlands.  If you wait until a situation arises for which you do not have adequate cover, it is unlikely that you will be covered and you will have to pay all costs yourself.  In the case of medical costs, these very quickly accumulate as healthcare in the Netherlands is expensive.

Dutch public health insurance
European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)
Private insurance
Which private insurance package to select?
Aon Student Insurance
Other private insurance options
Liability and Travel Insurance
Letters from CAK - Financial penalty