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Healthcare and liability insurance

Medical costs can be high in the Netherlands, especially if you require specialized care at a hospital. Dutch law also requires you to have adequate health and third-party liability insurance. We also strongly recommend you take out additional travel insurance, as there is a good chance you will want to explore Europe a little more during your stay here.

Organizing your health and liability insurance is your own responsibility. A good place to start is by asking your current insurer if your stay in the Netherlands is covered by your existing policy. If it is not, you will need to take out private insurance, for which we recommend IPS or AON. Their insurance policies include health, liability, and travel insurance.

You are also free to find your own private insurance, but keep in mind that your policy must meet the health and liability insurance requirements stipulated by Dutch law. It is your own responsibility to check whether or not your coverage is sufficient. If you are planning to find a part-time job, you might also be required to take out Dutch basic health insurance. For more information, please see the Nuffic website.

A possible interesting insurance comparison tool is offered by the Insurance Liability Information Centre. (Click on the blue 'verzekering vergelijken' button, and simply choose the English text by clicking on the drop-down box next to this button).  

Please note: Tilburg University cannot be held responsible for any costs which may be incurred during your stay in Tilburg as a result of incorrect medical and/or liability insurance.