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Communication services

Postal and telephone services

The Post offices in the Netherlands offer a variety of services. They sell stamps, giftcards and public transport cards; some also exchange money and operate as a bank. Post offices are open every day except Sunday. The main post office is located at Schouwburgring 135 in the city centre.

Those who wish to have a private telephone at their temporary address can phone 0800-0402 free of charge (KPN Primafoon), and ask for a subscription. It is also possible to visit a KPN store and request a telephone. Many international visitors make use of mobile phones, which can be purchased at several adresses in Tilburg, including the following:

  • Primafoon
    Heuvelstraat 44
    5038 AE Tilburg
    Phone: 0800 - 1515

  • Belcompany
    Westermarkt 28
    5042 MD Tilburg
    Phone: 013 - 468 4485

International calls

To phone abroad:

  1. dial 00 to start the international call;
  2. dial the country code and the area code (do not dial the 0 of the area code);
  3. dial the subscriber's number.

Most public telephones in the Netherlands no longer accept coins but require a phonecard which you can buy at railway stations, post offices, and most tobacconists. It is also possible to use a bank card for making calls.

Yellow pages

If you need contact details for a company or person, such as as an address or phone number, you'd best make use of the on-line yellow pages, which are available in English via:

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