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After the Pre-Bachelor

If you complete the Pre-Bachelor successfully, you:

  • Will have received your Civic Integration certificate
  • Are automatically admissible for a Bachelor-level major at Tilburg University

Note: Some majors may have additional entrance requirements. You are required to take extra subjects within the Pre-Bachelor to be admitted to these majors. If you decide to pursue a major at Tilburg University that has additional entrance requirements, a customized program will be developed for you to ensure you are prepared for the entrance exams.

Your study choice

A great deal of attention is paid to career counseling during the Pre-Bachelor's year, however, it is imperative that you have an idea of your ambitions and potential ahead of time.

At Tilburg University you can follow Bachelor's programs in the following fields:

  • Economics and management
  • Law and administration
  • Communication
  • Culture
  • Behavioral psychology and society
  • Theology

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