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Entrance requirements Pre-Bachelor

You must meet the following requirements to participate in the program:

  • You are a long-term resident of the Netherlands
  • You have a secondary school diploma that is equivalent to (at least) a havo level
  • You control Dutch at a B1 level
  • You control English at a B1-min level
  • You have Basic math skills
  • You have the ambition to pursue a university-level major
  • You are fulltime available during the Pre-Bachelor's year
  • You are capable of working with computer programs such as Word and Powerpoint, online educational material, etc., and in possession of a computer with an internet connection

Additional requirements for refugees

If you have refugee status in the Netherlands, then the following requirements also apply:

  • You are or are in the process of becoming a UAF client
  • You have received permission from your municipality to attend a Pre-Bachelor's year while receiving welfare

During the admission process, you will be tested on the aforementioned skills and must provide proof of the other requirements.

Additional requirements with a DUO loan

If you would like to pay with a DUO loan, then the following additional requirements apply:

  • You have to proof that a minimum of € 3,750 can be paid from a DUO loan
  • You  have no previous registration for the various components of the Civic Integration Exam; you will take the Dutch State Exam, program II, the Knowledge of Dutch Society exam and the Orientation to the Dutch Labor Market exam on dates determined by Tilburg University

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