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Big Data | AI & Law

Big Data | AI & Law

Date: Location: Tilburg

The program Big Data | AI & Law offers you a full spectrum on the legal, regulatory and ethical issues that arise with the development and use of artificial intelligence and big data. You will get a comprehensive view on the latest developments in Big Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI) related to the law and legal practice. This edition of the program is covering a wide range of issues relating to the General Data Protection Regulation and ethical issues of big data and AI. Having followed this program, you have an up-to-date understanding of the privacy/data protection and ethical challenges of Big Data, as well as be able to apply law and regulations in dealing with these technologies.

This program will be offered online. 

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Become an expert in the field of both big data and law

Having followed the Big Data | AI & Law program, you will be acquainted with the legal issues in relation to the data revolution including topics like the GDPR, algorithmic accountability and responding to ethical dilemmas. You will know exactly which role big data is taking in today’s legal landscape and know how to deal with big data related legal and ethical issues in everyday practice.

The Big Data | AI & Law program in short

  • Dates: 23 April (start), 30 April and 07 May 2021
  • Price: € 1.995 (Tilburg University alumni receive a 10% discount)
  • Duration: 3 full days
  •  NovA hours: 15
  • Location: Online course
  • Language of instruction:  English

Why the Big Data | AI & Law program of Tilburg University?

  • You will become familiar with the privacy/data protection and accountability issues and ethical challenges that arise when using big data and AI. Also, you will know how to apply the law in relation to these technologies.
  • This program offers you an introduction in the essentials of national and European law and regulation in light of big data and AI developments. On top of the key privacy, data protection and accountability issues relevant for big data and AI, the program covers various ethical issues and dilemma’s that arise in relation to the use of Big Data and AI.
  • From start-ups to corporates and the public sector, big data touches all of us. The program will help you and your organisation anticipate and adapt to a changing world while keeping an eye on the ethical and societal impact of big data.

Standard program Big Data | AI & Law

Day 1 (23 april)

AI and Society: The Big Picture by Dr. Haroon Sheikh (morning session)
Artificial Intelligence meets the Law by prof. dr. Eleni Kosta (afternoon session)

Day 2 (30 april)

How to implement Algorithmic Accountability by Prof. dr. Lokke Moerel (morning session)
Controlling AI by Mr. Frank van Praat, MA, MSc, RE (afternoon session)

Day 3 (7 May)

Ethical issues in relation to Big Data & AI by Dr. Linnet Taylor (morning session)
Where Ethics meets Personal Data Protection by prof. dr. Moerel & Dr. Linnet Taylor (afternoon session)

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Big Data | AI & Law

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