Masterclass Big data & legal tech

The masterclass Big data & legal tech offers you a deep dive into the impact of big data and legal tech on corporate law and corporate governance as well as an overview of how virtual currencies and ICO are challenging the conventional wisdoms of corporate finance. Having followed this masterclass, you will have an up-to-date understanding of the legal challenges concerning big data, blockchain, virtual currencies and legal tech. Moreover, you will be able to apply law and regulations in dealing with these technologies.

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Take a deep dive into the field of big data and legal tech

The Big Data & legal tech program in short

    • Date: 30 November 2018
    • Price: € 750
    • Time: 9.00 – 17.00
    • NovA hours: 6
    • Location: Tilburg University campus
    • Language of instruction: English

    Why the masterclass Big Data & legal tech of Tilburg University Professional Learning?

    • You will become familiar with the legal issues and challenges that arise when using big data, AI and blockchain. Also, you will learn how to apply the law in relation to these technologies.
    • From start-ups to corporates and the public sector, big data touches all of us. The masterclass will help you and your organization anticipate and adapt to a changing world while keeping an eye on the ethical and societal impact of big data.

    Masterclass Big Data & legal tech - Corporates, start-ups and entrepreneurial finance

    Program Big data & legal tech - Corporates, start-ups and entrepreneurial finance - 30 November 2018

    Morning session: Corporate law and corporate governance

    Mr. dr. Anne Lafarre

    Smart Solutions in Corporate Law and Corporate Governance

    We start the day with an introduction in corporate law and corporate governance, thereby shortly exploring the current corporate governance framework in Europe and the US (with a special focus on the Netherlands). Afterwards we will focus on smart solutions in corporate governance, where we address both academic research, regulation and practice. One of the topics will be the use and limitations of AI in corporate decision-making. Next we will focus on the possibilities of using blockchain technology to solve the corporate agency theory; although the hype around this state-of-the-art technology is currently still largely focused on speculation with virtual currencies like bitcoins, blockchain can actually offer smart solutions for classical inefficiencies in the corporate governance field. For this we will have a special focus on blockchain applications for shareholder monitoring and activism.

    The learning goals of this session are:

    • understanding of the most recent developments in corporate law and corporate governance, especially in the relationship to data science;
    • understanding of the possibilities and limitations of using AI in corporate decision-making, including the possibilities and limitations in the current legal framework and regulatory challenges;
    • basic understanding of blockchain technology and its (possible) corporate governance applications;
    •  understanding of the role of blockchain technology in shareholder participation and the legal implications.

    Afternoon session: Startups & entrepreneurial finance

    Ivona Skultétyová, LLM

    Blockchain, Virtual Currencies and Initial Coin Offerings: Regulation & Legal Implications

    Blockchain is one of the emerging technologies that are said to change the world as we know it. Applications using blockchain technology are already disrupting finance industry and may have a similar impact on real estate, supply chain management and others. However, current regulatory framework is not properly adjusted to this groundbreaking technology. In this module, we will take a closer look at blockchain technology, the regulation relevant for the use of blockchain applications and initial coin offerings, new type of entrepreneurial funding often used by blockchain startups.

    The learning objectives of this session are:

      • comprehending the basics of blockchain technology and its potential applications in various market verticals;
      • being able to explain which laws and regulations are relevant and/or apply to the blockchain technology;
      • being able to analyze regulatory challenges of initial coin offerings and their position in the financial industry;
      • being able to explain potential future developments in the regulation of blockchain technology.

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      Practical information Masterclass Big data & legal tech program


      The classes will be held at the Tilburg University campus

      Time schedule

      The masterclass starts at 09:00 hrs. in order to allow you to have a productive day and ends around 17:00 hrs. The masterclass equals at least 6 NovA hours. At the end of the program your will receive a certificate upon request stating the masterclass and associated hours.


      The tuition fee for this masterclass is € 750. The tuition fee includes all course materials. Tilburg University alumni receive a 10% discount.

      Your profile

      The masterclass Big data & legal tech is open to everyone who is interested to learn more about big data and law.

      Teaching methods

      The masterclass Big data & legal tech consist of a combination of keynotes, lectures, workshops and discussions led by experts in the field. All sessions are characterized by a mix of theoretical and practical aspects of big data and law.

      General terms and conditions


      You can register for this course only by filling out the online registration form on the website. You will immediately receive a digital confirmation. Your registration is complete if you have been admitted (for alumni this means: after your status has been checked) and have paid the course fee.

      Course fee

      The course fee is payable within 14 days after receipt of the invoice. No VAT is charged for this course.


      Tilburg University reserves the right to change parts of the course in the event of unforeseen circumstances or recent developments. You will be informed of any changes as soon as possible.


      Cancellation by a course participant needs to take place in writing. If you cancel in writing not later than four weeks before the first course day, the course fee will be refunded. Tilburg University reserves the right to cancel the course if an insufficient number of participants have registered.


      After every course day, the course participants will be given an evaluation form. It is very important for the further development of the post-academic courses to receive the course participants’ feedback through these evaluation forms. The information obtained will be used as much as possible in organizing and designing future courses.


      The course participant can report any complaints to Tilburg University in writing. The complaint needs to be described in detail. Complaints do not suspend the obligation to pay the course fee. If the complaint is upheld by Tilburg University, the course participant will receive a reduction of the course fee.

      Contact us

      If you require more information about the masterclass Big data & legal tech, please feel free to contact us:

      Program Coordinator

      Crousen, M.W.C.E.
      Name M.W.C.E. (Miriam) Crousen
      Division Academic Support
      Position Onderwijscoördinator
      Room T 624
      Phone +31 13 466 3898

      Academic director

      Prins, J.E.J.
      Name J.E.J. Prins
      Tilburg Law School
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      Position Professor
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