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Competition Law & Digital Regulation

Date: Location: Tilburg

The Tilburg Institute for Law, Technology, and Society (TILT) & the Tilburg Law and Economics Center (TILEC) jointly offer a program on Competition Law & Digital Regulation. The program provides you with a comprehensive overview of the legal issues relating to the application of competition law in the digital sector and the ongoing policy as well as legislative initiatives regarding the regulation of platforms and data.

We will cover recent developments in the area of restrictive practices under Article 101 TFEU and we will draw insights about how to use the prohibition on abuse of dominance of Article 102 TFEU, the Platform-to-Business Regulation as well as the proposed Digital Markets Act as tools to protect businesses against practices of large digital platforms. In addition, we will dive into the economics of data-driven markets to put the existing and forthcoming regulatory frameworks applicable to personal and non-personal data into perspective. Having followed the program, you will be aware of the latest developments in these fields and be able to apply the relevant legal rules.

This program will be offered at the LocHal in Tilburg. However, we will offer the program online, if the governmental rules require us to do so. You will be informed well in advance on the final decision.

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Update your knowledge of Competition Law & Digital Regulation

Having followed the Competition Law & Digital Regulation program, you will be acquainted with the main legal issues in relation to the application of competition law in the digital sector and the ongoing policy as well as legislative developments regarding the regulation of platforms and data. You will know how to navigate these legal regimes and understand how to use them as tools in your everyday practice.

The Competition Law & Digital Regulation program in short

  • Start: Next program starts on January 14, 2022
  • Price: € 1,995  (Tilburg University alumni receive a 10% discount)
  • Duration:  3 full days
  • NovA hours: 15
  • Location: The LocHal Tilburg, Seats2meet
  • Language of instruction:  English

Why the Competition Law & Digital Regulation program of Tilburg University?

  • You will become familiar with the challenges and prospects of applying competition law in the digital sector and you will understand the impact of recent policy and legislative developments in the areas of platform regulation and the regulation of data on your organization in its daily operations.
  • This program offers you an introduction into the essentials of competition law and digital regulation. On top of legal aspects, the program also covers economic insights and provides case studies illustrating concrete issues in practice.
  • Competition law and digital regulation is relevant for all entities pursuing commercial activities, not only from the perspective of compliance but also to understand how these legal regimes can be used as tools to protect oneself against practices of large digital platforms. The program will help you and your organization navigate these issues.
  • The program is taught by a mix of distinguished practitioners who have direct experience of the rules and by an academic team whose members participate actively in the policy debates.

Program Competition Law & Digital Regulation

Day 1 – January 14

Vertical restraints and Article 101 TFEU
Limits to the use of pricing algorithms and pricing software under Article 101 TFEU

Day 2 – January 21

Using Article 102 TFEU as a protection mechanism for business users of digital platforms
From the Platform-to-Business Regulation to the proposed Digital Markets Act

Day 3 – January 28

An introduction into the economics of data-driven markets: how to compete with big data
Regulating data: links between the GDPR, the competition rules, the proposed Data Governance Act and the forthcoming Data Act

Practical information Competition Law & Digital Regulation program


The classes will be held at  Seat2meet at the LocHal
Please note that Seat2meet is located in the LocHal, on the 1st floor. You will find our entrance at the right of the staircases. It also depends on which entrance of the LocHal you take. 

Time schedule

Morning sessions start at 10:00hrs and end around 12:30hrs. Afternoon sessions start at 13:30hrs and end around 16:00hrs. The complete program Competition Law & Digital Regulation equals 15 NovA hours. At the end of the program your will receive a certificate upon request stating the sessions/modules and associated hours.

Costs and lifelong learning discount for Tilburg University alumni

The tuition fee for Competition Law & Digital Regulation is € 1,995  for the 3-day program. The tuition fee includes all course materials and catering, but does not include lodging expenses. Tilburg University alumni receive a 10% discount.

Tilburg University Alumni

Lifelong learning is needed in our ever-changing environment. At Tilburg University, we want to encourage and stimulate lifelong learning. To make participating in Professional Learning programs even more appealing Tilburg University offers a 10% discount on every Professional Learning program for Tilburg University alumni.

To apply for the discount simply state you are a Tilburg University alumnus in the registration form of the program you are interested in. 

Your profile

The program Competition Law & Digital Regulation is open to everyone who is interested to learn more about the application of competition law in digital industries as well as the regulation of platforms and data. The program will start at a basic level, so no advanced understanding of the topics is required.

The target audience includes practitioners at law firms, in-house legal counsels, policy officials, officials at regulatory authorities, sectoral bodies or organizations (i.e. retailers for selective distribution and e-commerce). The program’s focus on the use of competition law and the regulation of platforms and data as tools to protect businesses makes the training relevant to those representing smaller organizations in their daily operations.

Teaching methods

The program Competition Law & Digital Regulation consists of a combination of lectures, case studies and discussions led by practitioners and academic experts in the field. All sessions are characterized by a mix of theoretical and practical aspects.

General terms and conditions Professional Learning

You can register for this course only by filling out the online registration form on the website. You will immediately receive a digital confirmation of your admission.

Course fee

The course fee is payable within 14 days after receipt of the invoice. No VAT is charged for this course.


Tilburg University reserves the right to change parts of the course in the event of unforeseen circumstances or recent developments. You will be informed of any changes as soon as possible.


If the Dutch government imposes new restrictions due to rising infection rates, and as a result of this the course is not allowed to take place physically, then the course will be offered online.


Cancellation by a course participant needs to take place in writing. If you cancel in writing not later than four weeks before the first course day, the course fee will be refunded. Tilburg University reserves the right to cancel the course if an insufficient number of participants have registered.


After every course day, the course participants will be given an evaluation form. It is very important for the further development of the post-academic courses to receive the course participants’ feedback through these evaluation forms. The information obtained will be used as much as possible in organizing and designing future courses.


The course participant can report any complaints to Tilburg University in writing. The complaint needs to be described in detail. Complaints do not suspend the obligation to pay the course fee. If the complaint is upheld by Tilburg University, the course participant will receive a reduction of the course fee.


Femke Abousalama

Program Coordinator

dr. Inge Graef

Academic director