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Professional Learning

International Post-Master Accountancy program


This three-year program prepares for two certifications: the Dutch Registered Accountant (RA), with an option to also become a US Certified Public Accountant (CPA). Classes are in principle in English, or Dutch if requested by the students unanimously. Since there is considerable overlap between accountancy programs internationally (see we are able to minimize the training for the CPA exams.

The program can be finished in three years and consists of a theoretical part and a practical part. The theoretical part includes six class room seminars of two weeks each. The total study load is 90 credits according to the ECTS. Classes are always from Monday till Saturday. On the first Sunday, the written exams pertaining to the preceding seminar are taken. The practical part consists of two extensive practical cases that each student writes on the basis of one of his own clients he is involved in. Those practical cases are incorporated in the Accounting Information Systems and Auditing courses. After finalizing the three-year program the student will be exempted from the practice thesis, a mandated part of the traineeship in Accountancy practice.

The program tries to bridge the gap between practice and theory. This implies that teaching is problem-based, making use of cases taken from practice, and that students' existing and potentially implicit knowledge is activated as much as possible by means of focused discussions with fellow students and faculty. Testing takes place by means of a variety of instruments, including: written exams, papers, oral exams, cases, and presentations. Group as well as individual performance is considered in grade determination. In between the seminars e-learning will be used to keep students activated.


Internal Control and Accounting Information Systems
Financial Accounting
Dutch Laws and Regulations
Certified Public Accountant

Practice thesis

The candidate is held accountable for the traineeship in Accountancy practice via a practice thesis and half-yearly trainee reports. The two extensive practical cases that each student writes during the Accounting Information Systems and Auditing courses on the basis of one of his own clients he is involved in, will exempt the student from this mandated practice thesis.

Practice traineeship

The Law on Accountancy Education makes a distinction between a theoretical and a practical educational program.

To become listed in the charter of the NBA, after which you are allowed to bear the title Registered Accountant (in Dutch: Registeraccountant, abbreviated as RA, to be put behind your name), you have to submit your diploma from the Tilburg University IPMA as well as official proof that you finished the three-year practice traineeship.