Top-level academic education within an international environment prepares you for a responsible position in society.

Faculty and staff

A team of renowned professors guides you through the latest developments in the various disciplines that are relevant to the accountancy profession. We always strive for a good balance between professors with a predominantly academic background and professors with a more practical background.

Program management
Prof. dr. Hans Verkruijsse RE RA Program Director IPMA
Prof. dr. Eddy Vaassen RA Professor of Accountancy
T.b.a. Program Assistant at Curacao
M.C.D. Appeldoorn-Croezen Program Manager

The professors responsible for and involved in the program are:

Prof. drs. John van Kollenburg RA
Prof. dr. Rob Fijneman RE RA
Accounting Information Systems
Prof. dr. Hans Verkruijsse RE RA
Prof. dr. Eddy Vaassen RA
Financial Accounting
Prof. dr. Leo van der Tas RA
Prof. dr. Walter Aerts
Dutch Laws and Regulation
Prof. mr. Erik Vermeulen