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Professional Learning Masterclasses

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Professional Learning brings you masterclasses led by top experts from Tilburg University and leading organizations, providing you with in-depth knowledge on a wide variety of issues related to business and society. The masterclasses are open to everyone. However, since we have a special connection with Tilburg University Alumni, we want to help them engage in lifelong learning. As a Tilburg University alumnus, you will get a substantial discount on our masterclasses and you will get early access to register for new programs.

Keep up-to-date with cutting-edge research and its practical impact

Dare to be challenged and acquire inspiration that will help you find solutions beyond your everyday work.

Professional Learning Masterclasses in short
Giving back to society

Upcoming Professional Learning Masterclasses

Possibilities of Circular Procurement
Culture and Diversity
Managing Digital Risks
The Future of Work
Next Generation Leadership
Artificial Intelligence
Rituelen in de Uitvaartbranche
Becoming a flexible labor organization
Law, Ethics and Data Science
The Learnings of Lean
Decision-making under Uncertainty
The Power of Logistical Cooperation
Smart Contracts and Blockchain
Transparency of Algorithms "The rules of the game"
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  • Renske Nauta

    C.R. Nauta

    Program Coordinator

    If you require more information about the Professional Learning Masterclasses, please feel free to contact our Program Coordinator:

    Phone: +31 13 466 8720


Professional Learning Masterclasses

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