Masterclass Next Generation Leadership

A new era asks for different leaders. Technological, economical and societal developments all have a big impact on how organizations operate today. What does our increasingly turbulent, complex world require of leaders? Which qualities are crucial for the leaders of the future? During this masterclass, Professor Freek Peters goes through the latest developments within the field of contextual leadership and shows what this implicates for your organization.

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New times call for new forms of leadership

The masterclass will update you on the theoretical and practical knowledge needed to realize futureproof governance and leadership within your organization. After attending this masterclass, you will have a better understanding of:

  • changes in society, economy and technology and how they impact organizations;
  • the complexity of the context in which these changes take place and how that influences governance;
  • the key aspects of leadership and the importance of good leadership for the success of your organization;
  • the core qualities and competencies of futureproof leaders;
  • how futureproof your organization is.

This Professional Learning Masterclass in short

      • Date: 9 May 2019
      • Time: 09.30 – 16.30
      • Investment: EUR 695,- (EUR 375,- for Tilburg University alumni)
      • Location: Tilburg
      • Permanent Education hours (upon request): 6 (incl. pre-readings)

      Why attend this masterclass?

      • The latest academic insights and the use of various practical examples and assignments go hand in hand in this masterclass. In this way, the masterclass helps you being truly ahead of the curve.
      • Accessible explanations of the theory behind leadership and governance will be interchanged with practical assignments. After the masterclass, you have a clear idea of how futureproof your organization is and you know how to improve the organization.
      • This masterclass is taught by Freek Peters, a renowned professor with over 30 years of experience. His special interest is the match and mismatch in leadership.
      • TiSEM (Tilburg University) is the # 1 school in the Netherlands in Economics & Business according to the Times Higher Education World Subject Ranking. Worldwide TiSEM has a top position as well, and is surrounded by renowned institutes, such as Harvard and Stanford (US) and Oxford and Cambridge (UK).

      Masterclass program

      Program overview Next Generation Leadership

      9:30 - 12:30

      Morning session

      The morning will be used to outline some of the megatrends currently dominating our society. Which changes in society, economy and technology are game changers and how do they impact organizations? Afterwards, we will look at the context in which we go about our daily jobs. What are the complicated factors and how do they impact governance?

      12:30 - 13:30


      We will enjoy a good lunch at one of the restaurants on campus.

      13:30 - 16:30

      Afternoon session

      The afternoon is spent diving into the traits and aspects common to leaders in innovative, knowledge-intensive organizations. What are the personal qualities and core competencies of tomorrow’s leaders and how do they differ from the current 'classic' view on leadership?


      End of program and networking drink

      Learn from the best!

      Introducing our professors and practitioners

      Freek Peters

      Professor dr. Freek Peters has been active in a number of organizations for around thirty years, both as an organizational psychologist and a management consultant. He understands both private and public sectors, from bureaucratic molochs to wildly pioneering enterprises, from fast research pools to honorable Counsils of State. He is a partner of the Galan Group in Baarn, the Netherlands.

      Specialized in leadership issues and the development of managers and directors, Freek is always fascinated to see the striking effects the human factor has on how an organization functions. He is especially interested in matches and mismatches in leadership.

      Freek obtained his doctorate with a dissertation on the subject of leadership effectiveness in relation to organizations faced with strategic challenges. The public versions of his dissertation was published with the title Leiderschap in Evenwicht (Academic Service, 2011).His present work and his research at Tilburg University considers the contextual impact on contemporary and future leadership. His motto? New times call for new forms of leadership.


      Practical information Next Generation Leadership


      This Professional Learning Masterclass will be held at the Tilburg University campus.

      Time schedule

      The masterclass will start at 09.30 hrs. and end at 16.30 hrs. with a networking drink.


      The participation fee for this masterclass is EUR 695. The fee includes all course materials and lunch.

      To help our alumni engage in lifelong learning, Tilburg University alumni will pay a discounted fee of EUR 375.

      Your profile

      Participants should ideally have a bachelor’s degree or academic background. The masterclass is geared towards participants from both profit and non-profit organizations.

      Typical participants are managers, directors, strategic advisers, but also HR business partners or recruiters.

      Teaching methods

      Theoretical insights will be combined with various practical examples, discussions and various short assignments to work on as a group and by yourself.


      The language used in the masterclass depends on the attending participants. If everyone speaks Dutch, the masterclass will be taught in Dutch. If not, the masterclass will be in English. Sheets and other presentation materials are in English.

      General terms and conditions


      You can register for this course only by filling out the online registration form on the website. You will immediately receive a digital confirmation. Your registration is complete if you have been admitted (for alumni this means: after your status has been checked) and have paid the course fee.

      Course fee

      The course fee is payable within 14 days after receipt of the invoice. No VAT is charged for this course.


      Tilburg University reserves the right to change parts of the course in the event of unforeseen circumstances or recent developments. You will be informed of any changes as soon as possible.


      Cancellation by a course participant needs to take place in writing. If you cancel in writing not later than four weeks before the first course day, the course fee will be refunded. Tilburg University reserves the right to cancel the course if an insufficient number of participants have registered.


      After every course day, the course participants will be given an evaluation form. It is very important for the further development of the post-academic courses to receive the course participants’ feedback through these evaluation forms. The information obtained will be used as much as possible in organizing and designing future courses.


      The course participant can report any complaints to Tilburg University in writing. The complaint needs to be described in detail. Complaints do not suspend the obligation to pay the course fee. If the complaint is upheld by Tilburg University, the course participant will receive a reduction of the course fee.

      Contact us

      If you require more information about this Professional Learning Masterclass, please feel free to contact our Program Coordinator:

      Nauta, C.R.
      Name C.R. (Renske) Nauta
      Division Facility Services
      Managementsup Services - Schools
      Position Program Office/Coordinator Masterclasses
      Room T 624
      Phone +31 13 466 8720

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