Masterclass Blockchain and other distributed ledgers

Blockchain might very well be the most hyped and at the same time least understood IT innovation facing organizations. Besides the well-known cryptocurrency applications Bitcoin and Ether it has the potential to change existing business models and processes. What real world applications are on the verge of changing your business?

After attending this masterclass, you will have a basic understanding of distributed ledger technology and its potential use. This knowledge enables you to identify relevant use cases in your own practice and pinpoint the solutions blockchain and other distributed ledgers can offer.

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Discover the added benefit of blockchain technology

In one day, this 'pressure cooker’ masterclass will update you on the basic principles of blockchain. You will have a new understanding of the opportunities blockchain offers for your own organization. After following this masterclass, you will:

  • have an overview of the technological fundamentals of distributed ledger technology;
  • have a good sense of the latest and potential future developments in distributed ledger technology;
  • be challenged to think about value creation with distributed ledger technologies for your own organization and its supply chains;
  • have the opportunity to exchange ideas with experts and other participants about the use of distributed ledger technology in your organization and its supply chains.

This Professional Learning Masterclass in short

      • Date: 15 November 2018
      • Time: 09.30 – 16.30
      • Investment: EUR 695,- (EUR 375,- for Tilburg University alumni)
      • Location: Tilburg
      • Permanent Education hours (upon request): 6 (incl. pre-readings)

      Why attend this masterclass?

      • Academic insights and the use of various practical examples and assignments go hand in hand in this masterclass. You will be ahead of the curve after learning the findings from cutting-edge research.
      • The masterclass clearly explains that blockchain and other distributed ledgers are more than just a fad, and certainly more than just the technological underpinning of cryptocurrencies that can be traded (and make you bankrupt or a millionaire).
      • We combine a sound theoretical basis, without becoming too technical, with various applications.
      • We discuss use cases in distributed ledger technology that currently are underexplored, including process management, accounting, control, and audit.
      • TiSEM (Tilburg University) is the # 1 school in the Netherlands in Economics & Business according to the Times Higher Education World Subject Ranking. Worldwide TiSEM has a top position as well, and it’s surrounded by renowned institutes, such as Harvard and Stanford (US) and Oxford and Cambridge (UK).

      Masterclass program

      Program overview Blockchain and other Distributed Ledgers

      Module 1: Introduction to Blockchain and other Distributed Ledgers (pre-readings and first part of the morning)

      • What is blockchain?
      • Historical overview of blockchain technology
      • Classification of distributed ledger technology
      • Examples of use cases

      Module 2 Use case ‘Seal’

      • The perils of a blockchain startup
      • Application of distributed ledger technology and internet of things (oracles making use of near field communication through RFID chips) for ownership and provenance of physical products

      Module 3: In-class and break-out assignments

      • Putting virtual goods in a blockchain
      • Putting physical goods in a blockchain

      End of program and networking drink

      Learn from the best!

      Introducing our professors and practitioners

      Eddy Vaassen

      Eddy Vaassen is a full professor at Tilburg University with expertise in IT innovations in a broad sense, accounting information systems, internal control, management control, the use of decision aids, professional judgment in decision-making, control effects of IT, blockchain, and continuous monitoring. He applies his knowledge on IT innovations within accounting firm BDO and has written 7 textbooks and various articles.

      Joël Happé

      Joël Happé is a cryptocurrency investor and bitcoin enthusiast. He has been investing in cryptocurrencies since the early days and is an expert in blockchain, the crypto-economy, and successful investment strategies. Currently Joël is working on a startup (see: that is protecting authenticity and tracking ownership of products by combining near-field communication and blockchain technology.



      Practical information Blockchain and other Distributed Ledgers


      This Professional Learning Masterclass will be held at the Tilburg University campus.

      Time schedule

      The masterclass will start at 09.30 hrs. and end at 16.30 hrs. with a networking drink.


      The participation fee for this masterclass is EUR 695. The fee includes all course materials and lunch.

      To help our alumni engage in lifelong learning Tilburg University alumni will pay a discounted fee of EUR 375 per masterclass.

      Your profile

      The masterclass is designed for those who want to engage in setting up a blockchain project from a non-technical angle, or those who are just interested in the hype around blockchain and wonder how it can create value for their organization. The masterclass is for participants from both profit and non-profit organizations.

      Typical participants are information managers, management, directors, business analysts, strategic advisors, accountants, supply chain and/or operations professionals, marketing specialists, and finance professionals.

      Teaching methods

      This masterclass combines academic insights with applications in various practical examples. Participants will be challenged to think about applications of distributed ledger technology within their own working environment.

      This masterclass requires some pre-readings (which will take up approximately one hour) to offer a solid base for in-depth discussion during the masterclass.


      The language of the masterclass depends on the attending participants. If everyone speaks Dutch, the masterclass will be taught in Dutch. If not, the masterclass will be in English. Sheets and other presentation materials are in English.

      General terms and conditions


      You can register for this course only by filling out the online registration form on the website. You will immediately receive a digital confirmation. Your registration is complete if you have been admitted (for alumni this means: after your status has been checked) and have paid the course fee.

      Course fee

      The course fee is payable within 14 days after receipt of the invoice. No VAT is charged for this course.


      Tilburg University reserves the right to change parts of the course in the event of unforeseen circumstances or recent developments. You will be informed of any changes as soon as possible.


      Cancellation by a course participant needs to take place in writing. If you cancel in writing not later than four weeks before the first course day, the course fee will be refunded. Tilburg University reserves the right to cancel the course if an insufficient number of participants have registered.


      After every course day, the course participants will be given an evaluation form. It is very important for the further development of the post-academic courses to receive the course participants’ feedback through these evaluation forms. The information obtained will be used as much as possible in organizing and designing future courses.


      The course participant can report any complaints to Tilburg University in writing. The complaint needs to be described in detail. Complaints do not suspend the obligation to pay the course fee. If the complaint is upheld by Tilburg University, the course participant will receive a reduction of the course fee.

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