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Masterclass Culture and Diversity

Date: To be announced Location: Tilburg

Understanding diversity is more than just tolerance and avoiding stereotyping or judgement. Diversity includes knowing how to relate to those qualities and conditions that are different from our own. People determine how organisations adapt to, develop and implement diversity policies and it is therefore fundamental that those people first acknowledge and understand personal values and develop skills to help in understanding those of others.

Due to the measures taken by the Dutch government, this masterclass is postponed until further notice.

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Master the art of inclusiveness

This masterclass aims to create mutual understanding and inspire people to form an organisational culture that inherently embraces diversity and how that in turn can positively influence business success on a local, national and international scale. It will help develop and reflect upon behaviours and beliefs of your own and of others. You will get insight in the diversity and identity of your team and the best way to include/involve them.  

Masterclass objectives

After attending this masterclass you:

  • will be challenged to consider your own assumptions and prejudices and recognize those of others;
  • have learned about theories and emperical research on value diversity (e.g. associated with social and economic backgrounds, abilities and disabilities, (religious) beliefs and sexual orientation-differences);
  • have insight in the model of tolerance and perspective;
  • know how to explain positive or negative effects and the relationship with personal and social identity.
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  • Renske Nauta

    C.R. Nauta

    Program Coordinator

    If you require more information about this Professional Learning Masterclass, please feel free to contact our Program Coordinator:

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