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Masterclass Decision-making under Uncertainty


Decision-making is often done under time pressure and with limited research into possible alternatives. This expert workshop gives you an introduction into the decision quality concept, which was originally developed at Stanford University. This concept has proven to be key for staff at ASML to successfully execute their company’s strategy. Prof. Kuno Huisman, Director and Head of Decision Support at ASML, will let you gain hands-on experience of the effective framing of a decision and the generation of alternatives. Location: ASML's Experience Center, Veldhoven

Master the art of decision-making 

The masterclass will help you tackle the complexity of decision-making in a structured way. You will:

    • get an overview of 6 different elements of decision-making;
    • gain insight into the high-value decisions that are organizational and analytical complex;
    • find out about the complexity of the dialogue decision process and the different roles of decision-makers;
    • get powerful tools;
    • gain hands-on experience in the effective framing of a decision and the generation of alternatives.
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