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Masterclass Next Generation Leadership

Date: Location: Tilburg

A new era asks for different leaders. Technological, economical and societal developments all have a big impact on how organizations operate today. What does our increasingly turbulent, complex world require of leaders? Which qualities are crucial for the leaders of the future? During this masterclass, Professor Freek Peters goes through the latest developments within the field of contextual leadership and shows what this implicates for your organization.

New times call for new forms of leadership

The masterclass will update you on the theoretical and practical knowledge needed to realize futureproof governance and leadership within your organization. After attending this masterclass, you will have a better understanding of:

  • changes in society, economy and technology and how they impact organizations;
  • the complexity of the context in which these changes take place and how that influences governance;
  • the key aspects of leadership and the importance of good leadership for the success of your organization;
  • the core qualities and competencies of futureproof leaders;
  • how futureproof your organization is.
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