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Masterclass Smart Contracts and Blockchain

Date: Location: Tilburg

Blockchain and the possibilities it offers for Smart Contracts might very well be the most hyped and at the same time least understood IT innovations facing organizations. Besides the well-known cryptocurrency applications Bitcoin and Ether it has the potential to change existing business models and processes. What real world applications are on the verge of changing your business?

After attending this masterclass, you will have a basic understanding of smart contracts, blockchain technology and its potential uses beyond the well known cryptocurrency applications. This knowledge enables you to identify relevant use cases in your own practice and pinpoint the solutions blockchain and other distributed ledgers can offer.

Discover the added benefit of blockchain technology

In one day, this 'pressure cooker’ masterclass will update you on the basic principles of blockchain and smart contracts. You will have a new understanding of the opportunities these technologies can offer your organization. After following this masterclass, you will:

  • have an overview of the technological fundamentals of blockchain and blockchain inspired technologies like distributed ledgers;
  • have a good sense of the latest and potential future developments in smart contracts and blockchain;
  • be challenged to think about value creation with smart contracts and blockchain technologies for your own organization and its supply chains;
  • have the opportunity to exchange ideas with experts and other participants about the use of distributed ledger technology in your organization and its supply chains.
Masterclass Smart Contracts and Blockchain in short
Program overview Smart Contracts and Blockchain
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