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Predictive HR Analytics

Predictive HR Analytics

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Our Predictive HR Analytics professional program enables you to make better informed, evidence-based decisions by predicting the consequences of future HR investments and interventions. This is of tremendous value to your organization. So get ready to rethink your transactional HR reporting approach and move to transformational HR predicting. In 3 days, the Professional Learning program Predictive HR Analytics will teach you all you need to know to implement this approach and take HR to the next level.

Maximize organizational performance through Predictive HR Analytics

During the Predictive HR Analytics professional program, a group of international top professors and practitioners will address all facets to effectuate a successful predictive HR analytics strategy. They will teach you how to get insight into future scenarios and the effects of future human capital investments, which helps you respond proactively to human capital developments.

After following our Predictive HR Analytics professional program, you are able show HR's worth by using effective HR analytics, organize HR analytics within your own organization, and implement HR analytics in such a way that it adds value to the company strategy. You can quantify and evaluate HR decisions by linking financial data and HR data. As a result, you will predict potential risks in human capital and make better informed decisions about human capital. You are able to assess and predict the ROI of HR instruments as well. Furthermore, you know how to communicate the findings from your data analysis in a convincing way – which is essential for getting the necessary support from your organization.

Predictive HR Analytics in short

Program overview

Day 1 – Foundations of HR analytics
Day 2 – Deep-dive into predictive HR Analytics
Day 3 – Making sense of HR Analytics in practice
Learn from the best: introducing our professors and practitioners
Practical information Predictive HR Analytics


Predictive HR Analytics

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