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Rethink Online Marketing & Analytics

Rethink Online Marketing and Analytics

Location: Tilburg

Marketing is increasingly data-driven. The rapid explosion of technology and channels makes the marketing field more complex, but also creates new opportunities. The huge amounts of information from various digital sources provide marketers with unprecedented insights - but only if they actually record the available data and use it in the right way. During the program Rethink Online Marketing and Analytics, you will be working on this. Using the latest technologies, you will learn how to interpret the results of data and make analyses feasible. In short: you will discover a completely new side of online marketing!

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With Rethink Online Marketing and Analytics, the Marketing Research department of the Tilburg School of Economics and Management (Tilburg University) has developed a series of masterclasses full of state-of-the-art research insights and technologies that allow you to look at your online marketing and analytics in a different way. The five leading lecturers are all talented researchers, who enthusiastically share their groundbreaking research results and best practices with you. They bring marketing data to life! During the meetings, you will convert data into marketing insights that can be used by your own organization. This eye-opening master class series enables participants to use data management to gain relevant customer insights.

At the end of the program you will be able to:

  • Do you understand and predict the behavior of the customer, both on an individual customer level and for the entire customer base?
  • Are you aware of groundbreaking psychological insights in the field of growth hacking and can you make use of them?
  • Are you even more aware of (sub)conscious prejudices in the data interpretation?
  • You can assess how an API can add value for your organization.
  • You can unlock the hidden potential of mobile marketing and mobile commerce.
Rethink Online Marketing & Analytics in short

Program overview

Day 1: Marketing Transformation - Gilbert Gooijers MSc (guest teacher)

Today’s corporate buzzword is transformation, and for good reason. Specifically for the marketing department, customer behavior has changed completely. New technologies provide endless new opportunities for marketing. The availability of customer and market data reshape today’s marketing landscape. Companies that want to sustain growth in this new world, must transform their marketing approach.

Day 1: Bringing Customer Lifetime Value to Life - Dr. G. (George) Knox

Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) is the most important model for understanding your customers. It allows you to make smarter predictions in key questions such as: which customers are worth most of your time and resources? This masterclass will concentrate on calculating CLV, providing critical insights on the potential long-term value of customers, and building corresponding retention and divestment strategies.

Objectives and topics of day 1

Day 2: Psychology: the solid base for growth hacking - N. (Niels) van de Ven

Building the greatest product is not enough anymore. You need to attract and convince new customers. How? By applying the growth hacking process. Growth hacking is the act of experimenting with marketing channels and product development to grow your organization.
Proper growth hacking starts with psychology; a better understanding of your customers and the people in your organization is necessary. This truly eye-opening masterclass makes use of the state-of-the art research in the field of the psychological factors and data experimentation.

Objectives and topics of day 2

Day 3: Mobile marketing and mobile commerce - Dr. J.F. (Jan) Klein

Mobile marketing and mobile commerce are a disruptive force. The massive development of mobile marketing in Asia indicates that this process has just started. This development increasingly challenges current marketing practices and requires companies to adapt quickly.

Objectives and topics of day 3

Day 4: APIs for improving Marketing Analytics - Dr. H. (Hannes) Datta

To keep up with the future of marketing, you need to understand APIs (Application Protocol Interfaces) and how they may integrate with your strategies. APIs bring the knowledge of the (social) web or third-party Artificial Intelligence (AI) directly to your marketing campaign, corporate website, or integrate with your products and services. They facilitate the data needed to provide solutions to customer problems. At the same time, they provide an opportunity to build a business ecosystem that becomes dependent on the data from your (future) API, which can lead to additional revenue opportunities.

Objectives and topics of day 4

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  • Joanne Taminiau-Cook

    J. Taminiau-Cook

    Program Manager

    For practical information please contact the program manager:

    Phone: +31 13 466 4549


  •  George Knox

    dr. G. Knox

    Academic Director

    For information on the content of the program please contact the academic director:

    Phone: +31 13 466 8778


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