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Turn data into action!

Marketing is becoming increasingly data-driven, and with good reason. The rapid explosion of technology and channels is making marketing increasingly complex. The massive amounts of information coming at marketers from a variety of digital sources is providing unprecedented levels of insight—but only if marketers are actually capturing and using the available data in the right way.

Many businesses continue doing things the way they have always been done: creating campaigns, looking at the results, and trying again. They struggle to make analysis actionable. They are leaving the latest technologies unused or misinterpret data results. They need to rethink their online marketing and analytics.

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Get the latest insights from our experts

The Marketing Research Department at Tilburg School of Economics and Management (Tilburg University) has developed a masterclass series that captures state-of-the-art research insights and technologies that enables you to rethink your online marketing and analytics. Each of the contributing faculty experts are talented researchers, bringing ground-breaking research outcomes and best practices to the table with lots of enthusiasm. They will bring marketing data to life. In class, you will convert data into actionable marketing insights for your own organization. This eye-opening masterclass series will enable participants to gain managerially-relevant customer insights with the help of data.

At the end of the program you will be able to:

  • understand and predict customer behaviour, both from an individual customer level as well as from the entire customer base level.
  • take advantage of ground-breaking psychological insights on growth hacking.
  • increase your awareness of (un)conscious biases in data interpretation.
  • assess in what way an API can add value for your organization
  • unlock the hidden potential for mobile marketing and mobile commerce.

Rethink Online Marketing & Analytics in short

  • Start: 13 November 2018
  • Investment: € 1,700
  • Duration: 4 sessions; 1 session from 14.00 to 19.30, 3 sessions from 15.30 to 19.30
  • Location: Tilburg / ‘s-Hertogenbosch
  • Language: English

What makes this program unique?

    • The masterclass series Rethink Online Marketing & Analytics is about cutting-edge tools and technologies to thrive marketing insights.
    • Tilburg University’s Marketing Department is consistently ranked as a top 15 marketing department worldwide (and the #1 European marketing department), which is above top US universities like Stanford, Columbia and Yale and according to the prestigious UT Dallas Business School Ranking.
    • Most faculty experts won an excellent teacher award Tilburg School of Economics and Management (Tilburg University) for their outstanding in-class performance.
    • You will gain first-hand knowledge from faculty experts doing the research themselves.
    • The interplay between science and practice as faculty experts do their research in close collaboration with leading organizations.

    Program overview

    Day 1: Marketing Transformation - Gilbert Gooijers MSc (guest teacher)

    Tuesday 13 November 2018

    Today’s corporate buzzword is transformation, and for good reason. Specifically for the marketing department, customer behavior has changed completely. New technologies provide endless new opportunities for marketing. The availability of customer and market data reshape today’s marketing landscape. Companies that want to sustain growth in this new world, must transform their marketing approach.

    Day 1 Bringing Customer Lifetime Value to Life - Dr. G. (George) Knox

    Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) is the most important model for understanding your customers. It allows you to make smarter predictions in key questions such as: which customers are worth most of your time and resources? This masterclass will concentrate on calculating CLV, providing critical insights on the potential long-term value of customers, and building corresponding retention and divestment strategies.

    Objectives and topics of day 1


    • You will understand the concepts and techniques regarding Customer Lifetime Value at both individual customer level as well as on an aggregate level.
    • At an individual level, you are able to translate the outcomes to tactics for influencing individual customer behaviour.
    • At an aggregate level, you know how to use CLV in calculating customer equity - which drives overall corporate valuation.
    • You have acquired the skills to run a value estimate yourself and to apply the outcomes in various managerial settings.


    • What is the value of a customer to the firm over his or her lifetime?  How do we predict future value?
    • Myth: there is one average customer.  Not all customers are created equal; who are the ones that matter most? How can the available data create insights in this?
    • From market and customer insights to better strategic decision making:  How can you use this information to make better decisions about customer acquisition, development and retention?
    • How can we use the concept of customer lifetime value to value the entire firm?  How is this customer equity measure of firm value different from brand equity?

    Day 2 - Psychology: the solid base for growth hacking - N. (Niels) van de Ven

    Tuesday 20 November 2018

    Building the greatest product is not enough anymore. You need to attract and convince new customers. How? By applying the growth hacking process. Growth hacking is the act of experimenting with marketing channels and product development to grow your organization.
    Proper growth hacking starts with psychology; a better understanding of your customers and the people in your organization is necessary. This truly eye-opening masterclass makes use of the state-of-the art research in the field of the psychological factors and data experimentation.

    Objectives and topics of day 2


    The masterclass concentrates on the basics of growth hacking, which starts with a proper interpretation of data. We focus on the psychological aspects of doing research, raising awareness of the psychological factors that affect your customers, your team, and yourself. These skills help you improve the learning ability of your company, both when doing experiments or when using other data analysis techniques.


    • Growth hacking: using data to grow your business
    • The human factor in data: what can marketing learn from psychology (and its failures) to help grow businesses?
    • Why you prevent growth
    • Learning the difference between objective versus subjective facts
    • Growth hacking fundamentals: The experiment (or the A/B test)
    • Online and offline A/B Testing

    Day 3 Mobile marketing and mobile commerce - Dr. J.F. (Jan) Klein

    Tuesday 27 November 2018

    Mobile marketing and mobile commerce are a disruptive force. The massive development of mobile marketing in Asia indicates that this process has just started. This development increasingly challenges current marketing practices and requires companies to adapt quickly.

    Objectives and topics of day 3


    • Gain insights on how to increase value for both companies and customers by leveraging new mobile marketing opportunities
    • Learn how to design optimal mobile strategies to shape customer journeys and to provide superior customer experiences.
    • Get to know the opportunities and pitfalls in mobile marketing and commerce.

    Topics to discuss:

    • Current trends in mobile marketing and mobile commerce
    • Customer journey management using mobile devices
    • Mobile promotion strategies (e.g., contextual targeting: time, location, personalization)
    • Best practices from Europe and China.

    Day 4 APIs for improving Marketing Analytics - Dr. H. (Hannes) Datta

    Tuesday 11 December 2018

    To keep up with the future of marketing, you need to understand APIs (Application Protocol Interfaces) and how they may integrate with your strategies. APIs bring the knowledge of the (social) web or third-party Artificial Intelligence (AI) directly to your marketing campaign, corporate website, or integrate with your products and services. They facilitate the data needed to provide solutions to customer problems. At the same time, they provide an opportunity to build a business ecosystem that becomes dependent on the data from your (future) API, which can lead to additional revenue opportunities.

    Objectives and topics of day 4

    In order to build effective marketing strategies, marketers need to understand some of the technical aspects of how APIs work. While APIs seem complicated, this masterclass breaks down the information marketers need to understand. Under the guidance of an experienced researcher, participants will develop an App that unleashes the power of APIs for data gathering and sharing, ultimately leading to improved marketing analytics.

    • Understand the added value of APIs
    • Know in what way an API can add value for your organization
    • Get an overview of what APIs are out there for you to use (e.g., social web, artificial intelligence)
    • Build a marketing analytics app using API technology

    • What is an API and how does it work?
    • Open data movements: opportunities, pitfalls and inspirational examples
    • Building on the APIs of existing web services
    • Understanding the technicalities of APIs (using R)

    Learn from the best

    Introducing our professors and practitioners

    Dr. Hannes Datta

    Hannes Datta is assistant professor in marketing at Tilburg University. He develops advanced econometric models to guide managerial decision-making and improve our understanding of (digital) consumer behavior. He is an expert in the area of digital media consumption (e.g., on streaming services and digital TV), and has gained substantial experience working with large data sets and cloud computing. Apart from his interest in new media, he works on projects in the area of retailing.

    Dr. Jan Klein

    Jan is assistant professor in marketing at Tilburg University. Jan's research focus is on mobile marketing and customer journey analytics. He investigates how companies can use data from mobile devices (i) to increase promotion effectiveness, (ii) to improve customer journeys, and (iii) to measure customer experiences.

    He is especially interested in providing novel managerial insights via large-scale field experiments and customer journey tracking. His research projects are in close collaboration with corporate partners in Europe, Asia, and the US. In these projects, he helps companies to develop optimal mobile promotion strategies, to shape customer journeys, and to provide superior customer experiences.

    Jan speaks and consults on mobile marketing and customer journey strategies. He also teaches in executive education and provides custom programs for companies.

    Dr. George Knox

    George Knox is associate professor marketing at Tilburg University. His research focuses on examining consumer taste fragmentation in the digital age, and managing variety in a subscription model for customer acquisition and retention. He is also working on forecasting customer lifetime value when abandonment is two-sided. He has published on topics such as: customer complaints and service recovery effectiveness, direct marketing and targeting, unplanned buying, and the effect of variety on demand in a digital streaming context.

    Dr. Ing. Niels van de Ven

    Niels van de Ven is associate professor in marketing at Tilburg University. He researches consumer behavior, specializing in effects of emotions (envy, regret) and motives (greed, doubt, temptation, curiosity) on consumer decision making.

    Various research projects deal with financial and consumer decision-making: the effects of greed on consumption and spending, effects of ownership or emotions on product valuation, and the psychological effects of microtransactions in computer games.

    Guest lecturer

    Gilbert Gooijers MSc

    Gilbert is a keynote speaker about business & marketing transformation. He is also one of the founders of the worldwide operating technology firm CM Group, headquartered in Breda (the Netherlands). Gilbert holds a Master of Science in Industrial Engineering from Eindhoven University of Technology. In his role as CEO of CM Group, he has gained extensive international experience in management, innovation and marketing.

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    Practical information Rethink Online Marketing & Analytics


    Tilburg / 's-Hertogenbosch

    Time schedule

    The masterclass consists of four sessions:

    Master Class 1 – Tue. 13 November 2018
    • 14:00 - 15:00 Gilbert Gooijers MSc (guest teacher)
    • 15:30 - 19:30 dr. G. (George) Knox
    Master Class 2 – Tue. 20 November 2018
    • 15:30 - 19:30 N. (Niels) van de Ven

    Master Class 3 – Tue. 27 November 2018
    • 15:30 - 19:30 Dr J.F. (Jan) Klein

    Master Class 4 – Tue. 11 December 2018
    • 15:30 - 19:30 dr. H. (Hannes) Datta MSc


    The cost of this 4-day masterclass is € 1,700. The fee includes all course materials.

    Your profile

    This masterclass is ideal for anyone in marketing (B2B / B2C) or management, who wants to become more adept in using state-of-the art technologies and techniques that optimize marketing decision making and build customer insights. Typical participants are (online) marketeers, managers, online specialists, data analists and entrepreneurs who like to be challenged and rethink their customer analytics.

    Admission criteria

    Participants have a bachelor's and/or master's degree (or similar) and are active in marketing. They have affinity with new technologies and innovations and eager to learn both the business and the technical perspective of it.

    Teaching methods

    Every session is built up with an interactive lecture in which state-of-the-art research outcomes are shown. In addition, in-class experiments, practical examples, and direct translation to practice (under supervision of the expert) are important aspects of the masterclass series.

    General terms and conditions


    You can register for this course only by filling out the online registration form on the website. You will immediately receive a digital confirmation. Your registration is complete if you have been admitted (for alumni this means: after your status has been checked) and have paid the course fee.

    Course fee

    The course fee is payable within 14 days after receipt of the invoice. No VAT is charged for this course.


    Tilburg University reserves the right to change parts of the course in the event of unforeseen circumstances or recent developments. You will be informed of any changes as soon as possible.


    Cancellation by a course participant needs to take place in writing. If you cancel in writing not later than four weeks before the first course day, the course fee will be refunded. Tilburg University reserves the right to cancel the course if an insufficient number of participants have registered.


    After every course day, the course participants will be given an evaluation form. It is very important for the further development of the post-academic courses to receive the course participants’ feedback through these evaluation forms. The information obtained will be used as much as possible in organizing and designing future courses.


    The course participant can report any complaints to Tilburg University in writing. The complaint needs to be described in detail. Complaints do not suspend the obligation to pay the course fee. If the complaint is upheld by Tilburg University, the course participant will receive a reduction of the course fee.

    Contact us

    If you require more information about the masterclass Rethink Online Marketing & Analytics, please feel free to contact us.

    For practical information please contact the program manager:

    Taminiau-Cook, J.
    Name J. (Joanne) Taminiau-Cook
    Division Academic Support
    Position Program Coordinator
    Room T 624
    Phone +31 13 466 4549

    For information on the content of the program please contact the academic director:

    Knox, G.
    Name dr. G. (George) Knox
    Tilburg School of Economics and Management
    Department of Marketing
    Position Associate Professor
    Room T 608
    Phone +31 13 466 8778

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