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Sensible business decisions under uncertainty

Sensible business decisions under uncertainty

Location: Tilburg

Every decision you make affects your life to a greater or lesser extent, both professionally and privately. Making good decisions is therefore an art, but also a science. Do you have the right skills, processes and theoretical knowledge to decide what is good for yourself and your organization, both in the short and long term? How do you deal with the uncertainties associated with decision-making? And how do you deal with the fact that a good decision can unexpectedly have a bad outcome?

When you have to make important decisions in uncertain circumstances, it is very important to work in a well-founded and structured way. During this program you will learn how to determine the quality of a decision, which approach suits certain complexities and how to manage risks and uncertainties. In this way, you can determine the quality of decisions in advance, instead of analyzing them afterwards. In a dynamic, challenging one-on-one session with an expert from the faculty, you will also go into individual depths. After completing this program, you will be optimally equipped to use and apply a sound decision-making process on the basis of a scientific theoretical framework.

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What does this program have to offer you?

  • You research decisionmaking from the perspective of enterprise risk management, combined with decision analysis. This allows you to make important decisions in a more structured and analytical way.
  • You learn to see the nature of decisions and their outcomes separately from each other.
  • You will learn how to professionalize sound decisionmaking in an organization, which will increase the quality of decisions.
  • You will work on your own practicerelated case study (which you will submit before the start of the program). Afterwards, you can immediately implement the outcome in your organization.

Purpose of the program

This three-day program focuses on experimental, investigative and design-based learning. 

After following this program:

  • You will know what structured and analytical approach is needed to make qualitative decisions.
  • You will have the right skills to prepare complex decisions carefully.
  • You will have an overview of the six requirements for qualitative decisionmaking and know how to apply them.
  • You will learn how to integrate the decision analysis with an uncertainty evaluation and risk management.
  • You will know the basis of valuation and can carry out a probabilistic analysis, intended to evaluate a (investment) decision.
  • You will understand how enterprise risk management and the principles of decision analysis reinforce each other.
  • You will understand the added value of scenario thinking during decisionmaking processes.
Sensible business decisions under uncertainty in short

Online learning environment  

This program includes a supportive online learning environment. It contains a lot of background information and in-depth materials that will give you an even firmer foundation. In addition, various support tools are also available, for example to refresh basic knowledge (e.g. statistics). With the help of the online environment, it is easy to stay in touch with other participants and teaching staff during the contact days. Use this online learning environment and achieve maximum results and lasting impact.

Program structure and approach

Program overview Sensible business decisions under uncertainty
Learn from the best: introducing our professors and practitioners
Practical information Sensible business decisions under Uncertainty


  • Miriam Crousen

    Program Coordinator

    If you require more information about this program please feel free to contact our Program Coordinator via

    Phone: +31 13 466 3898


Sensible business decisions under uncertainty

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